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  1. Just saw today’s announcement that Viking has canceled through March 31. (But my April trip seems to be gone also.)
  2. Uh OH! Both my February Caribbean and Hong Kong to Alaska voyages in February and April have disappeared from My Viking Journey! Sadness........
  3. Viking Sun to fly China flag Following a memorandum of understanding signed in April 2019, the two companies will now set up a joint venture focusing on the Chinese source market, including operating a fleet of China-flagged ships offering coastal cruises. Viking Sun will be the first vessel to join the new jv, hoisting the China flag and launching domestic itineraries in 2021. Under cabotage rules only China-flagged ships can sail between mainland ports. Looks like no more World Cruises on the Sun.... sad. Tom
  4. Viking just (November 19) canceled all through January 31... plus some additional due to regional “complexities”. We are still on for our February Caribbean cruise for now. Still live in My Viking Journey .
  5. Our cruise director Vicki was surprised with a marriage proposal after her show.
  6. That would be Chef Wayan, a fantastic chef and a wonderful, real, person, who I am pleased to call my friend. Tom
  7. That must be my doppelgänger you saw! I spent 10:00 to 1:30 in the Kitchen Table Cooking Class and only got a muffin at the buffet for a quick breakfast. I hope someone else got some good photos.
  8. Yes, that was Habitat. It is now condos made by opening hallways between units to make luxury sized dwellings. Tom
  9. Dominica snaps... ... and the Witches Hut from the Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest
  10. Yes, I use this iPhone X and transfer to iPad Pro to crop and tweak and post. Glad you like them. Tom
  11. OK, here’s a few snapshots from Bermuda and Antigua... That's Eric Clapton’s little house below.
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