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  1. Lots. We just did this a week ago and we are scheduled to leave in February. They were extremely flexible. We fly in five days early to Oslo and we leave about a week after the cruise from Copenhagen. We also upgraded our flight and pay the difference ourselves, but with the thousand dollar credit it wasn’t that much. Now if we can just go on this trip...
  2. We found the flights we wanted online, called Hurtigruten, and They booked them for us using the $1000 flight credit. they do have their own carriers that they use, but they made an exception for the flight for us.
  3. It would not surprise me in the least, and we would probably deserve to be banned. I hope it is that people will start taking precautions seriously here until there is a vaccine protocol. Fingers crossed.
  4. Update: they have moved us to a “handicapped accessible” cabin. I do not like to take up space in case someone needs it, but at this point the guy at Hurtigruten states that all available handicapped accessible cabins are available. I inquired about the likelihood of being bumped from the cabin if someone needs it and he says it’s extremely unlikely due to it being an excursion trip, so no ferry people. We have agreed, though only in theory, that we would be bumped to a mini suite if this would happen. we have accepted this as a good alternative. The accessible cabin is 16m2.
  5. We are scheduled for the Magic of the Arctic Winter on 13 February. We were in an Arctic Superior QJ Category of the Otto Sverdrup, 17 m2. Cabin number 630. We have been assigned an Arctic a superior P2 Category on the Trollfjord, 10m2, cabin number 646.
  6. I happened to sign into our bookings account with Hurtigruten.com this morning to discover that we are going to be sailing on the MS Trollfjord instead of the revamped MS Otto Sverdrup. Today is the first day that we have been able to access our account online for several months. Our Arctic superior cabin has gone from 17 m2 to 10-11 m2. I cannot stay in a cabin that small. We made careful consideration before we booked this And the QJ category was both well sized and affordable for us. I know that some think that the cabin doesn’t matter because you spend most of your time outside, an
  7. Our May booking was cancelled. 125% FCC rebooked the Sun for October. This was also cancelled. since we were in the deposit phase, they are refunding everyone to their original payment method. No FCC talked about at all. The original 25% is still showing on our account.
  8. My Husband and I were given this offer due to our 29 March cruise cancelling. We rebooked for October 2020 🤞 and each received the 20% off. When you do a mock booking make sure to add the 2nd guest info. If they are entitled to a discount they will get it.
  9. Thanks for the spirited discussion. I now feel confident that my husband and I can have a relaxing cruise without looking quite like the Beverly hillbillies.
  10. I am well and truly worn out from Coronavirus talk. Our 29 March NCL cruise cancelled and we need something to look forward to, so this is it. My husband is reluctant to go on a “dress up” cruise, so this news about the specialty restaurants is great! We can just go there on formal nights. thanks!
  11. Hi Princess cruisers, my husband and I are looking at a Mexican Riviera cruise on Princess. We have only been on NCL which is very casual. For the main dining room and specialty restaurants is smart casual appropriate? Do shorts work anywhere? We understand there are 2 formal nights. Will we be able to eat in the main dining room if we are not in formal attire, and if not, are there options other than the buffet? thanks for your help, LinnieRed
  12. Thanks! Does everyone +21 in the cabin have to purchase it? Or can just 1 of us.
  13. Yes I did. I’m not having any luck finding a dining package or a per night drink package amount.
  14. Hello, my husband and I are seeking a cruise to replace the NCL 29 March that just got cancelled. I’m looking at Carnival since we will be in S California in October and the 7 night Mexican Riviera would work. Beyond a few “booze cruises” we’ve taken on Carnival back in the early 2000’s we are Carnival neophytes (a bunch on NCL though) and hoping for some answers. How much is the drinks package? Is there an upgraded dining package one can pre purchase? What else is there that anyone recommends that would add cost to our trip? Thanks! We’ve had to cancel 2 trips due to Cov
  15. Getaway NOLA on the 29th here. We will be on the ship unless it’s cancelled. Let it be known to all cruising with me that I am a sneezer. I sneeze year round, into my elbow, as politely as possible. I am not a virus carrier. 😂
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