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  1. Thanks for this. The answer is “never have we ever” had lobster in the MDR on NCL 😂. Bummer about the meet and greets. We’ve made some fun friends on the NCL ones.
  2. What is this Sanctuary and how is it obtained?
  3. As far as club class goes, The benefits seem to match our needs on a short cruise. On NCL we’ve only cruised in the Haven after our first big ship experience wasn’t enjoyable. Avoiding lines is worth money to me. We’d probably like a suite better, but the benefits don’t seem to match the cost on Princess, particularly on a 7 day cruise. We’ll try this and see if it works for us.
  4. Any cruise this September will almost certainly have covid protocols in place. In addition the last information I can find is that Canada still has restrictions on cruise ship travel until 2022. In case you are not aware US maritime law requires that a RT Seattle cruise to Akaska must stop in at least one Canadian port, Victoria in your case. I would keep an eye on this, a 2021 Alaska cruise may be off the table. Here is some information about Princess and the Majestic. The cruise we selected is the Mexican Riviera, so no worries about Canada on this particular itinerary.
  5. May I ask what you mean by that? I’ve heard that Princess has formal nights and we are hoping to avoid that by eating other than the main dining room and at night? What else should we expect?
  6. Hello cruisers, my husband and I are platinum with Norwegian but are booked on the Majestic Princess this September, fingers crossed we will be able to sail. We are looking forward to trying a new cruise line and are booked in a mini suite club class and I think that we know everything that is offered with that. I’ve been looking around the Internet trying to find some menus for the various restaurants, main and specialty, also information about the onboard gym and may be a few copies of the daily newsletter that they put out. I’ve done a pretty thorough search and haven’t found any great
  7. May I respectfully ask what credit card you have that covers default?
  8. Good to know. I’ll keep that in mind if I think about asking anything in the future 😂😂.
  9. Really, I just want to know if the policy is still 150 days in advance for a 15+ day cruise. I’m looking at a 40+ day cruise in early 2023 in a penthouse, so they’d have a whole bunch of my money way in advance. Under “normal” times I wouldn’t worry about it, but with the current cruise climate, that’s a risk I’d not care to take. 90 days would be fine, but not 150. Too much exposure IMO.
  10. You’re a very hostile person. Snark is never asked for or deserved when someone is seeking information. seek help.
  11. We travel a whole lot and have always relied on the travel insurance thru Chase Sapphire Visa. Back in February 2020 we flew back from Asia and two weeks later my husband was in the hospital with multiple pulmonary embolism’s caused by DVT. He is fine but we had a whole bunch of travel scheduled for last year that we had to cancel because couldn’t fly due to the PE’s. Chase ended up refunding us around $20,000. We would not have been able to travel anyways due to Covid, and Chase would not have covered any Covid related cancellations, but because it was medical they did. We’ve been very
  12. I just learned that Oceania requires full payment 150 days in advance for any cruise longer than 15 days. This does not seem like a good financial decision for us in this current climate. Credit card insurance does not cover operator default and the cruise that I want to take is very expensive! Does anyone have a workaround that I don’t know about?
  13. Lots. We just did this a week ago and we are scheduled to leave in February. They were extremely flexible. We fly in five days early to Oslo and we leave about a week after the cruise from Copenhagen. We also upgraded our flight and pay the difference ourselves, but with the thousand dollar credit it wasn’t that much. Now if we can just go on this trip...
  14. We found the flights we wanted online, called Hurtigruten, and They booked them for us using the $1000 flight credit. they do have their own carriers that they use, but they made an exception for the flight for us.
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