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  1. Speaking of alcohol, have you noticed if they are serving any “hard seltzer” such as White Claw or Bon & Viv?
  2. Update: We booked yesterday on the .no site for a savings of 4000USD. I had 2 iPads and did a mock booking on the US site as I navigated the Norwegian site. It was very simple. Our cruise documents are in Norwegian, so I have sent an email asking for all future communication to be in English. The (very long) countdown begins!
  3. Thanks for all of this info! I feel like my plan is sound.
  4. Hello experienced travelers, DH and I are going to book for one of the new expedition cruises, the “Magic of the Arctic Winter” on the Otto Sverdrup. My plan is to use the .no site due to the drastic price difference. I’ve compared the inclusions, etc. And they appear to be the exact same verbiage on both the US and the NO sites. My question is this: once we submit our deposit and initial booking, do they communicate with us in English? On a sidenote, we have decided on the QR category, from what I read we can select one of the three cabins on the sixth deck that are not blocked by the lifeboats and still have a view. These cabins are slightly less expensive than the P2 category but seem to be close to twice as big. And I on the right track here? I have tried to read all of the prior posts so that I know what I’m getting myself into with this and have done as much due diligence as I can but still have these questions. Thank you in advance for your help. Sincerely, Linnie
  5. We were on the transpacific this past May and he took quite a spill in Moderno, being used for the Haven breakfast/lunch dining room. He seemed to bounce back pretty well at the time, but it was a hard fall.
  6. This was current as of April. I will say that I asked for gin and Beefeaters was delivered. I asked to change for Bombay Sapphire and it was no problem. They had no Ford’s.
  7. We just had a nice thing happen on a recent transpacific 16 day Cruise. They ran the $19.95 special for about 12 of the days, right up until day 14.
  8. Great review! The rude family in the Haven just pisses me off! I’m dumbfounded at all of the “friendly parenting” that goes on now.
  9. If she paid by credit card, the card may have some trip insurance for her. Worth looking into.
  10. Thank you so much for this info! We get an extra cruise day for free 🥰. The party sounds like a great idea.
  11. Off topic question for you: we are taking the Transpacific Tokyo to Vancouver. How was the international dateline crossing handled on your trip? In your direction did you go from say Thursday to Saturday? Or Saturday to Thursday? None of us seem to have a solid answer. Thanks
  12. We took my 85 year old mother on a cruise to the Norwegian Fjords last year. She has balance issues, so we rented a “transportation chair” which is a lightweight, small wheelchair from our local medical supply company. I think it cost $20 for the month, and used it for long distances: airport, boarding, excursions and touring. We also got a collapsible, lightweight walker that fit in her suitcase. This was used around the ship for balance safety. With these measures in place, a great time was had by all. Plenty to do and see.
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