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  1. I am glad you took a picture of this building. It intrigued me from the view I had from our ship in the port. It has this very classic house perched on top of this nondescript modern building. I wondered if it was a residence . Cadiz was a wonderful surprise port last May. Beautiful architecture and beautiful peaceful plazas with amazing horticulture.
  2. I love Cornwall. Had the best fish & chips ever in Falmouth. I kept looking for Poldark and Demelza but no luck. 🙂 I think that is his horse looking for him also. 🙂
  3. I am pretty well informed of the current situation via the net but have seen only scant news on FOX but not MSM. I was in Barcelona in May and wanted to spend more time there is one of the reason I chose this particular cruise. I have received a notification from Delta but nothing from NCL. I make it a habit to never discuss political matters, either theirs of ours, while in a foreign country and never while on a cruise. I'm not usually skittish in these situations. Just like to be mentally prepared. As a pretty seasoned traveller I have learned that stuff happens and you learn to roll w
  4. Have any recent cruisers on The Epic experienced any problems in Barcelona in regards to the current civil unrest and protests? Have the problems been mostly at the airport? Safety issues in the city? We are flying in three days early for the sailing on November 10th. Both air and hotel have been booked but not through NCL. There is NO media reporting on the situation there, for some unknown reason.
  5. I am sailing on The Epic on Nov. 10th 2019. I live in Atlanta. I am booked on Delta/KLM airlines. I leave ATL on Nov. 6, 2019 (Wed).... Arrive Barcelona Nov 7, 2019 (Thu). So I have booked hotel for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. I was in Barcelona in May and wanted some time there before my Mediterranean cruise. Problem now seems to be the UNREST in Barcelona. Not that any US news outlets are reporting on this. Flight cancellations, traffic blockages, bonfires in the city, etc. What will be my recourse with my flights (not arranged through NCL) if the Epic does not depart from
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