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  1. unfortunately this is an old menu and it was updated last year. They no longer have the breadth of cocktails in the same way. i think the menus you have seen are the most recent 😊
  2. I’d be surprised if you don’t see that price again. Generally they put the same/similar sale prices on these about every two weeks. Just keep checking the planner at least a couple of times a week, and if you see the cheap price again... Don’t leave it! 🙂
  3. I think £41 is a pretty good price. I think the lowest I’ve seen it this year is £38, but often it’s £44. As others have said, it’s best to take it at this price now and if it comes down, you can always cancel and rebook at the lower price 🙂
  4. Yes, I have specifically checked that it applies to sailings globally and also to people from the UK, as it’s never mentioned in the UK on any documentation or sales people etc
  5. Official policy since earlier this year is definitely milkshakes at JR only included with food purchases. I think last year more were able to get it without eating there, and I’m sure the odd person is still able to get them, but mostly now I’d say you’ll be declined without eating in.
  6. Part of the reason they moved Independence back from UK to This route next year. There is a big old cash cow here to milk!
  7. I think you’re making the right decision. Not sure I could do all the Dinners and the Lunches as well, would be a bit overwhelming. I think it’s better to stick with what you’ve done and I’d imagine it would feel more special for those meals?
  8. Gibraltar as good as England 😁
  9. That’s right. it’s only because Explorer is now sailing out of the UK that they have A daily Pie option and a daily Curry option. 😁
  10. I think there may be a small amount of that but more so it’s the costs to run the ship from the UK are a lot more I’d imagine. Plus the exchange rate is so bad at the moment they have to charge brits more to get the same amount of USD. id think the new island will be cheaper to visit and also generate more revenue (from water park etc) so I guess they’ve worked out they can make much more profit from sailing there.
  11. Apparently people are speaking to RC on twitter etc and being told they are only getting FCC on the monies physically paid to that point. Maybe it’s different in UK to US. I’ve already seen the cancellation letter someone In the US got was very different to what those In the UK received. The UK one simply talks about full refund, FCC of the amount PAID and refund non-refundable of air/hotel costs. The letter US person received talks of cabin grade price protection and extra OBC on top of that!
  12. Ok, that’s what I would have expected, but people are stating it’s only on the money paid and not the total cruise fare?
  13. Have you paid in full or only deposit as, people are saying you only get FCC for the amount you have actually PAID them so far... is this correct? if so, as this is over a year away, I guess most have only paid deposits so far, so they would only get 25% credit on the deposit?
  14. Interesting they aren’t offering to transfer to any alternatives either... it’s a straight cancel. So if you booked with a good deal with drinks etc, you will not get those benefits again at the moment if you re-book. plus.... they’ve cancelled this during a time when there is no sale/deal on in the UK, so a lot who got cancelled will be looking to rebook on Anthem quickly, but won’t have the best deals available at the moment!
  15. Yup I think UK are fairly cost conscious and RC having to cut prices so much to stay competitive especially with the other competition, just can’t charge the prices they would ideally need to be charging. Cheaper to run out of the US I’d think so easier to make money.... particularly as COcocay is going to be a good low cost port and additional revenue earner for them.
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