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  1. when we cancelled on 03/11 for our cruise with sail date of 03/16, we received refunds for excursions that we had booked, internet packages, and steakhouse dining reservations fairly soon after. i believe others commenting experienced the same, but it definitely isn't a consistent experience.
  2. i did it online. my card issuer's online account management page has a large banner at the top saying to expect long hold times.
  3. i can confirm that late yesterday (04/26) a refund from carnival was posted with a "transaction date" showing 03/20. so up to now, carnival has refunded all but approx. $150 of the funds that we had paid for our cancelled march cruise. not sure if we'll just have to eat that loss, or if that remaining amount will be refunded in a separate transaction.
  4. same thing here. an agent called my wife and she informed him that we had opted for 100% refund and asked the status of that. he told her he would research and would contact us back. still waiting for his call... 🙄
  5. Just an update to my situation in case anyone is interested... I submitted the dispute late on Wednesday, then on Thursday I received the credit back to my account along with the information that the card issuer would be investigating the issue. At the end of the day on Thursday, I also received a notice from my PayPal account of a refund of $250 - this was the method I had used to pay for the original booking fee when we reserved the cruise back over a year ago. I had not contact PayPal about this nor had I disputed this specific charge (I had only disputed the large, final paym
  6. it didn't take much to convince me 😉 filed this morning. will wait and see how this goes down. i know i sure don't trust carnival to do the right thing.
  7. we were told pretty much the same. in our case, we cancelled on the 11th of march (cruise was set to deport on the 16th), then a couple of days later carnival issued statements about stopping all cruises. when we called to cancel on the 11th, we opted for the FCC, however after the larger cancellation announcement and the revised offer for 100% refund, we went ahead and submitted through the carnival website. we got refunded for the excursions and prepurchases within a week and a half, but carnival is still sitting on $2700 and i'm starting to wonder if we'll ever see that unless i attempt
  8. we are trying to get through now (7:43 PM CST) and all four phone numbers we've tried give the warning of high call volume and immediately disconnect.
  9. No, it was the email that others have referred to last week regarding the option of the OBC (onboard credit) or the FCC (future cruise credit). At this point, I suspect we'd be denied boarding due to exposure. I'm curious to see what happens over the next couple of days, especially after the US State Department has issued a statement warning about cruise travel. I'd really like to ensure we get maximum flexibility as a result of us having to back out or Carnival outright cancelling... and to me that looks like a full refund issued instead of our money being tied up in some future credit.
  10. Got the letter this AM. We sail on the Dream out of Galveston on the 16th of March. We're holding tight for now and expecting a full cancellation from Carnival, but if not we will probably consider rescheduling with the 'FCC' if no movement from Carnival this next week. I've been home all week with a sick child - high fever, aches, chills, negative-flu/strep/etc, two pediatrician visits this week +CBC and chest x-ray and no idea what it is. Second child had the same thing two weeks ago and developed pneumonia. COVID19 is here, we just don't know about it yet. Don't really want to risk be
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