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  1. Just ask when you get to your room. I've done that every time and it's no big deal at all. Just maybe will take them a couple hours to get it done. It makes the room so much bigger!
  2. Have a great time! I was on the Star almost one year ago and really liked it. Spice H2O was a favorite place to hang out on the ship.
  3. You do not. They have North American outlets and USB ports as well.
  4. I believe they began boarding group 1 around 11:45am when I was there last September. And yes, there are seats in the waiting area before boarding (bathrooms too!). Be prepared to hand over your passport as you board though. It caught some people off guard.
  5. Canada is same as US when it comes to electrical outlets.
  6. Hi Angela, it was with NCL and was called SOUFRIERE BY LAND & SEA. I don’t recall how much it was though. At least $100 CDN if not a bit more. I suspect NCL will have it again; it may take a few weeks to list all the tours for St Lucia if they just changed your itinerary.
  7. Old Montreal is beautiful and a better way to spend a few hours than the airport. Even just sitting on a terrace with a drink in Old Montreal is great (I wander into the city sometimes in the summer to do this). (I find it funny that they call it "Old Town")
  8. There is a small mall near the airport but nothing really to do nearby. The drive from Quebec City to Montreal will be at minimum 3 hours depending on traffic in both cities and construction as well. What does the excursion say about what you will do during those 6 hours?
  9. I don't see anything on the Celestyal website so best to contact them and ask.
  10. Hi! Welcome to Cruise Critic. I think you meant to post this in the Celebrity forum? This is the board for Celestyal.
  11. I fly from Montreal and always try to leave two days before if I can especially in the winter. You just never know with the snow, ice, etc in January. Can they fly out the night before? Even if they land in Orlando at 2am, it's still better to already be there. I hope you can convince them to leave earlier. Have fun!
  12. My first cruise, I was fine. On the second, I was fine on board but it was getting off the ship when I felt bad (headaches, dizzy). So for the third cruise, I took a Bonine every morning and felt fine the entire trip (on and off the ship). I continued it for 2 days after disembarkation too. I say bring some just in case. Maybe you will need it and maybe you won't.
  13. Yes, you will generally be back around the end time of the excursion. I loved this because then we had the entire afternoon on board to enjoy the food and amenities. I would certainly book an excursion in every port. Just be sure to read the details; as others have stated, some tours will pick up at pier but leave you in the port area to make your own way back or have an option to pick up a cruise line bus ride back. My first Caribbean cruise was this past March and we did a ship excursion on each island (except for one - can't remember which now) and we were always back on the ship around 1-2pm depending on the tour. It was great.
  14. Yeah, us too. It's very quiet and relaxed way to embark. It's odd that they push you towards the buffet though.
  15. Def pack your bathing suits in your carry-on as well as anything else you may need. Luggage may not arrive until later that afternoon. Not sure how early you can get on; maybe as early as 11am depending on your status. Have fun!
  16. We used a private transfer service and it took us, as stated above, to the drop off. We purchsed it prior to the trip so paid in CDN dollars and they picked us up at our hotel. We handed off our luggage and then it was about a 10-20 minute walk to the check-in (we walk slow!).
  17. Chocolate Lava Cake...love this so much! It's delicious. I also love the lobster ravioli. I've never eaten in a Specialty Restaurant but I've always found good food at the MDR. I also love the cookies they put out for the 3pm snack. I wish you could get them at night.
  18. I only eat at MDR and never did it take more than 90 minutes. Most of the time, it was less. The waiter/waitress also often asked if we planned to go to the show so they knew if we needed to be out in a certain time.
  19. Make sure to download before arriving (my dad made this mistake). Have fun!
  20. No charge, adults only. Has a bar, two hot tubs and close to the buffet.
  21. Weird! My parents do it all the time as they don't like to prepay their shore excursions and they have only take beverage package (usually - except once we got a distinctive voyage package). And yes, we always call the shore excursion telephone number on the website to book them. Strange that they don't have a consistent rule.
  22. I've got a Celestyal cruise booked for next June for the Greek Islands. I chose this for the itinerary and the inclusiveness of the costs. For any cruise, I think you need to look at all the itineraries and decide what you want to see and what would suit you best. Have fun researching!
  23. Nope, didn't have the promo on my first cruise and called and booked all my excursions and the ones for my parents.
  24. You can call and book your excursions and then you will not be charged in advance.
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