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  1. We were scheduled for Apr 9-17, 2021...was a great 8 night Southern Caribbean...no cancellation email yet. Anyone who received their email, any compensation offered? We were unfortunately locked into that date for 2021 so not much ability to change for us so will be looking towards 2022 I guess :(
  2. An iron a power strip a "reserved" sign for your pool chair. Just kidding....hahahahahaha...sorry I couldnt resist.
  3. Hi everyone, Anyone have experience or photos for Freedom class Aft balcony 7710? I have had deck 10 aft rooms before but there are 3 of us sailing and RCCL now holds deck 10 rooms for groups of 4...so my only Aft rooms available were 7710 or 8412...I booked 7710. Was just looking for info on balcony and superstructure...also is the room any larger than side balconys? Thx for the info.
  4. I was actually wondering that...why was Allure ok to maintain the same itinerary for the last month but now they felt the need to change.
  5. Our May 12 on Allure has 2 sea days then St Kitts, then San Juan, then another sea day, then Nassau then back to Ft Laud
  6. This is the one thing that I miss on the Oasis class ships....I looooove the full open deck.
  7. I have finally accepted the itinerary change and am moving past the disappointment...trying to not let it ruin or define our vacation...but I do plan on following up with RCCL afterwards. I have already called and complained...I didn't expect anything more than an apology but I will email guest relations. I think a certain amount towards a future cruise would be an appropriate response from them...but we shall see. Happy sailing everyone.
  8. thats true...it really does, doesn't it. Thanks for making me laugh...I needed it. I know there are much worse things that can happen, its just frustrating.
  9. ok...thanks...I will work on another analogy...I didn't really think it was that big of a deal...just trying to vent and make a point...have a great day.
  10. I am not here to argue with you..if you dont like the point I am clearly trying to make, Great, then leave it alone....No reason to be condescending...we are all adults correct?. Alot of people are bothered by this...you currently are not one of them and thats great...I hope your cruise is not. Thanks again for chiming in.
  11. Are you on any of the affected cruises? You apparently don't get the point I am making so no need to go further...thanks for the feedback and criticize and enjoy your future cruise(s)
  12. I agree...that is part of the issue I have with this....They have known and still took our money all the while knowing that they could not deliver what they sold.
  13. Lucky you...they have our money so all we can do is bend over and take it.
  14. I am in the same boat. I think we all know that they can change whatever they want, whenever they want but that doesnt make it any better...and the fact that RCCL chose to give us all the middle finder certainly doesnt sit well either. If I could cancel and not get screwed I would but they know that 99+% of the people can not afford to cancel so as a result there is no reason for them to offer any compensation...not the best customer experience. I will call and register my complaint which may make me feel slightly better but at this point thats all I can do, so I will.
  15. We are on the May 12 cruise and I am very very disappointed. They should provide some sort of compensation. I will be calling them this afternoon as I hope most will....strength in numbers.
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