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  1. The CDC announced this evening that international travellers will be considered fully vaccinated if they have received two doses of any mix of WHO approved vaccines. The Canadian forum is lit up with happy cruisers.
  2. Just saw an article that specifically says any Thanks. I just read the same article. I’m elated.
  3. I’ve read a few stories that say mixed vaccines will be approved but I haven’t seen anything specifically saying AstraZeneca and Moderna/Pfizer.
  4. It would be better if they had the Vertuo Nespresso makers which brew a full cup.
  5. Does anyone know who are the current bartenders are in the Encore Haven.
  6. Ok. Let’s look at this from another perspective that borders on the rediculous. The WHO has chastised first world countries for giving out third shots yet they are the ones that have not approved mixing. Can’t have it both ways guys.
  7. A corresponding issue is what will the policy be on mixed vaccines, specially the AstraZeneca/mRNA combination. This issue (CDC, FDA) not recognizing this mix has been swept under the carpet in many provinces because it only mainly effects cruisers. When the land border opens and Canadians with mixed vaccines are refused entry, me thinks the sh.. will hit the fan.
  8. Thanks. I’ve been on CC for a few years and didn’t know about this section either.
  9. Read the thread title - got my hopes up only to be shot down again. My wife has the AstraZeneca Moderna mix so she is still considered unvaccinated. At this point there must be data proving the effectiveness of mixing but whatever. My final payment is two weeks out so maybe things will change, but I’m not holding my breath,
  10. The point I was trying to make is that even though I paid substantially more for the Haven cabin I was still not allowed to keep my previous OBC perk. Yes the Haven has more perks, but you pay handsomely for them.
  11. The same thing happened to me but I was forewarned by my TA. I was moving from a balcony to.a much more costly Haven suite, but I still lost my OBC.
  12. I’ve waited more than a week for a confirmation, so hang in there.
  13. But if you have the AstraZeneca Pfizer/ Moderna mix you may be prohibited.
  14. The US has already stated that anyone crossing the border, when it does open, will need to show proof of full vaccination. They have not specified what constitutes full vaccination but if they follow the CDC guidelines, anyone with mixed vaccinations will be considered to be not fully vaccinated and thus be denied entry.
  15. What makes you think you’ll be allowed to cross the border.
  16. When I send in my request, I always ask for an updated amenity confirmation form.
  17. Just read on another thread that you can apply for a vaccination “exemption”. Just wondering if mixed vaccinations would be considered.
  18. Just booked my dining reservations on the Encore, 130 days out (we have the Haven booked). Couldn’t book main shows though.
  19. I’m willing to bet that the WHO will approve vaccine mixing when more data becomes available. At that point, NCL will no doubt change their policy.
  20. I don’t know who to blame - the Canadian federal government, the WHO or NCL but someone or all of them need to get their **** together.
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