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  1. No, you’re not- I completed Duolingo in Italian for a family trip to Rome. Unfortunately, it’s not a tremendously long course, so I’m not very good, and I keep switching into French when I have problems!
  2. I hope you get along ok. Umm… how do you snip a little bit for the quote without the pictures? I gather that’s a bad thing, and I want my new family to like me!
  3. So- a total change of topics. I am mulling over a solo cruise. It would be Vision of the Seas, leaving Barcelona for an 8 days at the end of October next year. Chris and I are already booked on the TA going back to Fort Lauderdale, so I have to fly to Barcelona anyhow. He wouldn’t want to be away from the office for that much time, but I could! We would have 76 Crown and Anchor point before the TA, so I am thinking that it would be nice to be Diamond for the TA. Or is that silly? I would ask on the regular boards, but I am slightly afraid of the rabid wolves out there. I don
  4. It’s been smoky here for the last 3 days. We don’t have any fires very near here (as far as I know), but it’s a little dark. The original forecast was for much hotter weather- the high today will be 27 C. (about 80 F)
  5. Lioness, have a wonderful day with your beloved daughter. Don’t forget hankies!
  6. Love the nails! I need a pedicure, but- whispers- I last went for one just before the COVID shutdown. I’m embarrassed to show my feet!
  7. That is a miserable job. We did it on the Mother’s Day weekend. We actually thought about re-laying the brick, but it was so ugly, we decided not to. The general concept is compacted gravel, some nice drought tolerant plants, hot tub and enough (pretty) patio stones to make a path to the hot tub. We shall see!
  8. That must be what I’m doing wrong! Confession time: several years ago, I watched a video of a woman demonstrating how to do walk in stilettos. I got my highest heels (um, about 3 inches) and copied her. I fell down half a flight of stairs and have never talked about it!
  9. Note to file: learn how to walk in stilettos. Or any shoe with a heel. There must be a technique that completely escapes me!
  10. That is an appalling amount of damage. Our last move (in September) was with Allied. My husband actually saw them drop the barbecue on its face, making it completely unusable. They also broke our bed- we were able get a matching side rail from the furniture company, but for months we slept on the the floor. Ok, on a mattress and box spring, but we felt like college students! Allied did pay for the damage. Sentiment matters. Even if the walnut table wouldn’t be “worth” fixing, it might be to Micheline. My heart goes out to you. It’s awful reaching in
  11. It’s a lovely street; it looks very quiet! We have moved more often than I care to think about (military). Get your bedroom put away first- because eventually you want to sleep- and tomorrow the kitchen, because glasses and other breakables take an enormous amount of space in moving boxes. Then unpack everything. Good luck!
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