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  1. mitaxi

    Alaska in Sept?

    was on an Alaska cruise the first week of September... had excellent weather (only a little rain in one port).. the ports were having great end of year sales... saw the whales, even bears hiking one day in Juneau... would book again that time of year..
  2. At the end of the whale watch with Harv & Marv. The called me a taxi to take me Mendenhall. (Actually called in on way back in so was waiting for me ) then just caught the shuttle bus back to town from Mendenhall that runs all the time Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
  3. I highly recommend F.I.S.H.E.S. Whale watching tour. Been out with them twice !! Sent from my iPhone using Forums mobile app
  4. ALoha…. have a great cruise!!! can't wait to follow along on CC.. headed to Kauai myself tomorrow…. see you on the Oasis in January!!
  5. also received an email with excursions…. and I'm not stopping in Honduras….however the excursions looked fun… ;)
  6. thanks for posting have this exact room book January 2015….. after your posts and pics….can't wait
  7. cruised on LOS in Dec.... left on hotel shuttle @ 11:30, and was sitting on the ship by 12... line was moving very quickly
  8. I work for a major airline....would NEVER try it.... can't tell you how many times, I have pax miss their cruise the unknown....weather, mechanicals....etc. not worth not paying one night room at hotel, not to mention starting rested as already mentioned...
  9. soooo feel the same way...can't wait to hear back post cruise from you
  10. also....since he is a minor...I would recommend you get a letter from his parents stating that he is on vacation with you dates info, etc ( have them get it notarized). I work for a airline...and have seen issues with travel, different names etc thru security.
  11. bring my insulated Klean Kantene bottle....call refill with cold water everywhere...and stays colder much longer than the plastic water bottles...esp on shore excursions..
  12. was on the redone Vision in Nov.....its beautiful... enjoy!
  13. I have my first B2B on Liberty in 2 weeks...second week was added just a month ago so had aft cabins on deck 9 and 10 instead of same cabin.... kept watching and another deck 10 aft opened up this week...hopefully making it alittle easier to move between... not sure why the thumbs down either....but can't wait for first back to back !!!!
  14. you have to be able to carry down the stairs... we met outside studio B level 3 and had to carry down to 2...those that showed up with strollers etc...were delayed due to having to wait for elevators
  15. there are websites that will monitor the price and alert you for drops at a VERY minimal fee... cruise fish dot net
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