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  1. Does Carnival offer this drink package fro HMC? If so, where and when do we purchase it?
  2. Does Carnival offer this drink package fro HMC? If so, where and when do we purchase it?
  3. Is there still a way to make a steakhouse and chefs table reservation without having to pay before you sail? I want to use our OBC to pay for them.
  4. It does say gold in my documents!! How exciting!! 🤩
  5. We were supposed to sail at the end of April and we were cancelled too! This one is a reschedule. Good luck!
  6. Will we also get the pin and free drink coupon?
  7. So, my husband and I booked an 8 day cruise on the Dream in June 2021 for our 5th wedding anniversary. We have 17 days sailing on Carnival, which means we only need 8 more days to be gold. My question is, when we receive our sail and sign cards on day 1 of the cruise will they be gold already? Or will we have to wait until the next cruise for them to be gold?
  8. Did you try a different web browser? I have noticed different glitches in different web browsers.
  9. We did this same thing on the Vista October 2018 and had no problems. We plan to do this again in April on the Dream.
  10. Hi everyone! I ended up messaging John Heald on FB and he was able to accommodate our request. He was able to switch us to YTD. We did not find out until we got our sign and sail cards though. I was planning to go visit the Maitre'd on embarkation day, like everyone had suggested, but there was no need! We had a great Christmas Cruise and our dining experience was perfect. Thank you for all your help!
  11. How does traditional late dining work? Do I show up at 8:15? Do I need to show up early? Thanks in advanced! I have always had YTD.
  12. I have a cruise in April of 2020 and I can not print my boarding pass yet, but I can pay for a Steakhouse reservation. The old way is not available there either.
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