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  1. We did Expedition 10 day inner route and it was perfect. We did the Machu Picchu extension on our own. Flora is all suites but we didn't miss having a balcony because you are on shore most of the day.
  2. We opted to cancel our Jan cruise before final payment so that we could get a refund. We have already booked cruises through Spring 2022, so a FCC is no use to me.
  3. We are looking at booking Royal's tour from Malaga to Granada Alhambra. Is it worth the 4 hour drive time or should we book something in Malaga?
  4. We have a cruise booked the end of Jan 2021. With the cruise with confidence we can cancel up to 48 hours before sailing and get a FCC. What happens if you can't use the FCC before it expires? Celebrity website specifies that you can request the FCC be switched to refund if requested before FCC expires. Is that the same for Royal?
  5. I don't see that HAL is offering a SBP perk. Was that from your TA?
  6. If I want a drink over the $11 price, do I just pay the difference plus gratuity or do they charge the entire price?
  7. email is robtads2@hotmail.com name Roberto Whitaker
  8. We booked a tour with Robtad's tours in Colon. Saw the old and new canals and how they work. I highly recommend them if looking for a tour in Colon.
  9. We had the most amazing tour with Roberto yesterday in Colon. Got a great explanation of the old and new locks and stopped for a corvesa at a small shop. Would highly recommend robtads tour. He is on Facebook but doesn't have a website.
  10. We went last January and the water was warm. I didn't wear my wetsuit but I did not do the deep water snorkels. Staff was very good at giving you the size that will fit but you can try it on and switch it if needed.
  11. Can you get martinis from other bars that are covered by the classic package?
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