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  1. Well when we signed up and read the small print of Bermuda, it did state we would have to quaritine at our own expense if we tested positive. The negative tested couple spent one night in a hotel, came back on the ship and quaritined until their PCR test came back negative. Since we were the first cruise out, we were the test case. The day before we sailed we were told we could wander on our own, so many more could have tested positive if out mingling with locals but we all got our negative test results to get home. Maybe Viking will change their mandates as each cruise goes out, but these ar
  2. The only one of 3 that I was able to go on they were sanitized and you could use fins but they insisted we use noodles in the water so they could keep an eye on us I think.
  3. So I am back home after the 6/15 Bermuda cruise. Here is my thoughts on the cruise. First off you need patience and a go with the flow additude. I guess I was pretty lucky as I got through the airport in Bermuda pretty quick, around 30 minutes. The bus had about 10 of us on a 30 minute drive to the ship. The day before we left, Viking emailed that no St George's and free to leave ship on our own. So snorkeling tour #1 cancelled. Viking put a 4 hour bus ride to St George's from King's Harbor, so I took it as we were now in King's an extra day. I also took a tourist train in King's th
  4. So I came to Bermuda on the Newark NJ flight Tuesday. I had all my documents ready as I got off the plane. First line for information about testing and show travel authorization, I was only in this line about 5 minutes. Next up passport control, only 3 people ahead of me, stamp and go. Next pick up luggage and go to a line where Bermuda testing takes place, show documents and put luggage to one side and wait to go into area where test take place, only one person ahead of me. Test done took my luggage to a waiting Viking rep who checked my name off a list and left my luggage. Then I walked down
  5. Official count is 336 passengers on board. It seems like I keep seeing the same people.
  6. Official total is 336 passengers as not all made it on the airplane due to not having correct test/documents. One young girl is onboard but her grandmother didn’t make it due to this issue, she told her granddaughter to go anyway.
  7. I applied on Saturday for my Bermuda travel authorization but call them Sunday night at 6:30 PM EST. The woman said the had a new system put in but they were back up. I gave her my Bermuda authorization # and she said I should receive a response in 10 minutes but I got my approval before the 10 minutes was up. You need to print out 2 copies and sign/ date them and have them ready to present to the authorities when we land. I would say if you haven’t got your yet you better call!
  8. Help on the Bermuda Travel Authorization it asks for your contact phone number while in Bermuda do you think just your cell phone or do they want the ships phone number?
  9. Thanks for the info we are going to Malvern PA tomorrow for our test, you give me hope!
  10. A few of us have called and did live chat to tell them their 5/11 information changed on 5/19 and all they say is we will let those who need to know … know but still the website hasn’t changed. People need to be proactive here for these early cruises or they will literally miss the boat!
  11. Nicely said, I’ll be one of those Viking Explorers on the 6/15 sail hoping all pre cruise goes as planned🤞
  12. That should say test on FRIDAY not Thursday…. No coffee yet when typing!
  13. Yes I have my appointment for Friday with a 24 hour turnaround so fingers crossed it all goes to plan. Ps don’t know why I originally said my test day was Thursday must have needed my coffee before writing
  14. I am such a good my appointment for my test is FRIDAY not Thursday! What was I thinking when I wrote this…probably didn’t have my second cup of coffee yet!
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