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  1. There is a good long term parking just south of the Philly airport, Winner Parking, that we use as we come up from lower Delaware which is 2 hours away. You can usually get a coupon online to reduce the cost. We have always been happy with them plus we don't need to drive near the airport, they do, and it's easy on/ off of route 95. We are equally as close to BWI but more direct flights from Philly and British Air is our preferred airline as we always stop in the U.K.
  2. We have do many Christmas Markets, two on river cruises. I have ankle boots I purchased in Munich one year at a shoe store that have a warm lining, add to that smart wool socks and feet are sorted. I wear a hat, scarf, gloves with a lined rain coat. Since river cruises are pretty casual, layer sweaters with silk undershirt or turtleneck, at night keep same tops and change to a black pair of pants (some people wore jeans all day and night but I like a nice pair of elastic waist pants for comfort in the evening). In all my trips it only snowed once in Vienna, most places were mild (40's) but cold at night(30's). Enjoy
  3. We did Vikings Frances Finest last summer, Avignon to northern France. It is a lovely cruise, in Lyon you transfer to Paris boat( FYI 2021 Viking will dock some ships in Paris, we were out in La Perq but it didn't matter to us as we had done a Rick Steve Paris and saw all the big sites) the transfer was seemless, they took our bags and they were in the same room different ship when we got to Le Perq, first class train tickets, on the bus to train Viking got us all to our seats, in Paris train station Viking waiting for us and took us by bus to our boat. It was 14 days and every day was enjoyable. I booked some tours that I would not have given a look at but for recommendations on this site ( Chateau de Fletcher's, Luminaries).
  4. Thank you for your information and pictures. We recently booked this cruise for February 2022, but we have Empires of the Mediterranean and Elegant Elba.
  5. They handle the special tourist visa for cruise ships. All paperwork was done online, sent them our vitals plus passport info and they sent us paperwork to present to the customs officials with our passport. If you are with a cruise ship you have to take a tour with the special tourist visa if you don't apply for a regular visa. A regular visa is not necessary unless you plan on going off on your own, which is highly unlikely as the ship docks in an industrial area with nothing to see. The 2 day tour starts very early, had to be in customs line around 6-6:30am and the tour guide met us on the other side of the customs line at the port. Lunch both days was included, my husband is picky but he ate the lunch both days. You will see a lot, even going down into the subway to see beautiful mosaic and how clean they are. We got back to the ship with plenty of time on the second day. You pay for the tour on day two, they take you to their office/ shop to settle up. We had done their Berlin tour also and didn't pay till the end of St Petersburg tour.
  6. I book with Viking then transfer to my TA. Get some extra OBC plus another set of eyes on my trip.
  7. We did TJ's 2 day St Petersburg tour, organized a group on CC, they gave us all CC discount, half the price of Viking and small mini bus of 16 people. All paper work was done online, we also did Berlin with them in a small mini bus. If I did it again I would skip Berlin, doing it with more days on Elegant Elba. We went early to Bergen and stayed at Radisson Blu by the water, walked to ship, with extra days we explored museums, food, shops and we had an unusual 4 days of sun! We did Pulpit Rock/ fjord cruise from a private boat ( same company Viking used) that was right by where our boat was docked. Did all other included tours, we did the jazz boat a sunset last minute in Copenhagen and it was lots of fun.
  8. Respbj

    Soft Drinks

    No drinks in frig, just empty frig, at coffee station there is coffee, tea, still and sparkling water all day, along with pastries in am and cookies in pm.
  9. At the time of bookingagent said they probably have not contracted for the pre tour that far out.
  10. Thanks for all the information as we just booked this cruise for 2/22! Taking advantage of the low down payment and don't pay final balanc till six months before cruise. We are interested in the Rio/falls pre trip but they don't have it yet for 2022. Do any of you know how far in advance they post the pre/ post trips as it's on the website just not booking yet for 2022, agent says keep trying?
  11. Do the funicular as it offers great views of Bergen, then walk back to ship as lots of shops and bars on the way back, if a nice day stop for a drink and people watch. There is a good museum also down there with the remains of a Viking ship.
  12. They are in the bathroom, and new ones everyday
  13. River cruises are probably the best if not doing your own thing. The Danube has some wonderful stops, try and do Budapest a few days before your cruise as so much to see and if you can train to Munich for a few days as they also have nice markets and great center of town.
  14. We have done both, one we flew into Munich and stayed for a few days as they have great Christmas markets and it's a great city then took the train to Passau to get on the boat, very easy. The second one we flew into Budapest 3 days early, it's a beautiful city and deserves extra time. One tip, get tickets to The Nutcracker at the Opera house as it's a beautiful place and the show was wonderful. We stayed at the Sofitel by the Chain bridge and the ship was right there. We usually do our own airfare and get places early. If you do Viking air it is worth the extra $ to do your research and tell them what flights you want. As to which I prefer, probably either as they are both great, I love the little Passau market and the shops and streets around it. Vienna market by the city hall should be experienced at night as the lights are magical.
  15. We did Bergen to Stockholm, we flew into Bergen early and really enjoy 3 days and we booked the same hotel ,Radisson, as Viking uses but cheaper, last stop on the airport bus, walk to the boat was easy, central location. We had a full day in Stockholm and Viking arranged our taxi to the airport as we were flying to Brussels, our plane was at the smaller airport and our plane was the only one leaving, so easy.
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