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  1. I wonder if NCL will have to implement set dining times for their passengers.
  2. Was on the Sun recently and the casino is closed while at GSC. Some new Bahamian policy is what I was told. It used to be open.
  3. So then one should have medical/evacuation insurance AND cancel for any reason insurance???
  4. Can someone please tell me if sushi is served on the salad bar at the Moderno restaurant on the SUN?
  5. Part of the standard menu on the SUN a couple of weeks ago.
  6. No college football games televised at the bars unfortunately. So you won't see Michigan beat Ohio State.
  7. We got our shareholder benefit for a Sept. cruise after waiting for a few weeks. We still have all our perks.
  8. I have the OPEN BAR on an upcoming NCL SUN cruise. I purchased the Premium Package Upgrade. Is it true that specialty coffee can only be ordered in the dining rooms and If I order from the coffee bar I will be charged?
  9. For this increase in price, I sure hope they put the lamb chops back on the menu.
  10. Just returned from a 3 niter on the Sun. My friend was playing slots and her name was called for the Hot Seat Promotion. The casino added 2000 points to her player's card.
  11. This was a 'comp' cruise. If I were to upgrade from this oceanview comp to a balcony, I personally would choose to bid on it.
  12. Do you know how many points you had to acquire for this invite?
  13. No. I am saying that as CAS Sapphire level, I booked a 9 niter for an oceanview and was not charged double. I believe my cost was around $350 total for just one in the cabin. This included the dining pkg. and wi fi and port taxes.
  14. FYI: Sapphire level is available for solo CAS players. I booked an oceanview yesterday as a solo CAS player on a nine night NCL STAR cruise for March 2020.
  15. Does anyone know how many points you have to have on your slot card in order to get an invite to this? I cruised the end of Nov. 2018 and had over 10,000 points on my card for the week. \
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