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  1. We are exploring this exact same thing, but ultimately we are going to do the wedding package. We are getting married on the Independence in February. The events department can do a VERY basic ceremony for you, and can't provide an officiant, so if you are doing a small gathering or eloping I think it could work. Part of why we decided to ultimately go with the package is because you get someone to orchestrate and execute on everything for the day (they follow the "template"). Doing it through the events department, I would end up being in charge of ensuring who walks down the aisle when, how the music will work, who needs to be where when, etc etc. You'd save a bunch of money using the events department BUT I would recommend it only if you have a small group or a super casual event and don't care about the normal process of a wedding or the stress the day of of doing it yourself. We are doing our Ceremony and Cocktail Hour in the Star Lounge and then did a restaurant buy out of Chops for dinner that night. For dancing etc after we're going to just end up bar/band hopping around the ship after dinner. Totally happy to answer any specific questions you have! We are not doing an embarkation day ceremony/event, and have about 50 guests sailing with us.
  2. Hi everyone! My Fiance and I are getting married on the Independence of the Seas in February 2019. Cruise Planner and other departments are telling my travel agent that a group hair appointment for the 5 of us cannot be set up until we GET ON the ship. Has anyone been married recently on a Royal Caribbean ship that was able to set up hair prior to getting on board? It obviously makes me more than a little anxious thinking about that being up in the hair until so late in the game. Any guidance would be appreciated! :) Thanks, Sarah
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