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  1. Thank you, I agree about it being about the outside and not the inside. I can find lots about what to see and do in Alaska but since we will be on the boat as well, what you mention about RCCL lacking enrichment programs on board is the kind of info I am looking for so I appreciate it.
  2. I have been reading down the board (lots to read through) and am considering itinerary as well. I have seen some mention they found HA to be for an "older" age group while others weighed in on RCCL and NCCL not being too different from each other.
  3. We are planning a trip to Alaska for next summer. We usually do RCCL in the Caribbean but were wondering which line is the best for Alaska? We are mid-40s, like to have drinks, play trivia, visit the casino and will have no kids going with us. Seeing Alaska is the goal but we want to enjoy our time on the ship too.
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