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  1. I had no idea these upgrades (or upsells rather) gave you a choice of cabins you could pick from. I thought they just had 1 specific cabin to offer you and that's it. It's really nice to look at the deck plan, see all the available cabins being offered and be able to pick the one you want if you accept. I almost went for the Panorama deck, but felt that was way too far up for me.
  2. That's exactly the way I look at it too. I hope someone else is jumping up and down for snagging 6450 now. I was initially exited for getting it myself when I first booked, but the more time went on, the more I began to miss the sofa and the way it's laid out, the bed takes up almost all cabin space. And knowing me, I probably won't even be out on that balcony all that much. So let someone who will use it a lot get it. :) I also love the location of the new cabin. It's perfect being right under Lido buffet and just 3 flights down dumps me right into the casino.
  3. 1/27/19. If it doesn't show up by morning I guess i'll give them a call. I also have $50 in Cruise Cash purchased that's not showing anymore either. EDIT: They're all showing now. I logged out and back in my account and all my orders were displaying again in my Cruise Manager. Whew.
  4. 1/27/19. If it doesn't show up by morning I guess i'll give them a call. I also have $50 in Cruise Cash purchased that's not showing anymore either.
  5. I just looked under "My Orders" in my online booking and only my Faster to the Fun is showing up. None of my Fun Shops orders are showing anymore and I recall they did before I took the upgrade. I have my e mails of all orders printed out just in case with the order numbers on them. Should I be worried or does it just take a while before they'll show up again in my account?
  6. Thanks. I've been on cloud 9 ever since taking the upgrade! For those of you who did upgrades, did all your Fun Shop orders automatically go to the new cabin? I have water, vodka/club sodas and a cake ordered and hope it doesn't accidentally go to the old cabin.
  7. Just got my first e mail from Carnival saying "You qualify for a stateroom upgrade!" for my Liberty cruise. I had aft cabin with the long balcony #6450, and for months was weighing whether or not to change that since it doesn't have a sofa. (I know it sounds like a small thing, but I love having a sofa.) And I got the cabin as a casino rate...(solo with all tax/fees was just $680 total) and didn't want to chance losing that rate if I made any changes so I just left it. I haven't sailed in a balcony since 2001 so i'm not even sure if i'll make much use of that long balcony either. So just now, I got the e mail asking if i'd like to upgrade for $38 and it even gave me a choice of cabins on the deck plans to pick either on Verandah or Panaorama decks. There was a pretty good choice on each and I went with Verandah #8346 which is right next to middle elevators, 1 flight under Lido and 3 flights down right into casino. (2 of my favorite places) And I get my sofa! :) After reading so many posts of people getting upgrade e mails and calls and feeling left out, I finally got mine and very happy with the choice. It comes out to $9.50/day for the upgrade and definitely lower than I would've paid for making changes. Let the long balcony go to someone who would make definite use of it.
  8. Same here. I'm checking every day for Dec '20 to open up so I can get my favorite cabin before it's snatched up. I also like using the Easy Pay far out in advance so I can have crazy low monthly payments. I entertained the thought of booking the CA one that just opened up. A 4 day in an OV would only cost me $12.48/monthly with Easy Pay after the deposit....but I hate flying so will stick to waiting for the FL departures to open up.
  9. Sorry if it caused you confusion. I like to keep thread titles short and to the point but I can see how it can be misleading to some. Unfortunately I can't edit it, otherwise i'd go back and insert the word "More" at the start of the title.
  10. Carnival website is now showing California sailings for late '20 and early '21. Mainly 3 & 4 days on Imagination and Inspiration. Hopefully that means Florida releases aren't far behind!
  11. The background really needs to be shaded rather than this glaring white. It's very hard on the eyes and until they do that, i'll have to view this site while in "night mode" setting.
  12. Actually, I just did a search of synonyms for the word "radiance" and what's interesting is that these are some of the words that show up for it: Splendor Glory Ecstacy Jubilance (variation of Jubilee) So granted, it is a recurring theme with the names going back decades, so i'll correct myself when I say they were looking at RCCL for the name. I DO however wish they'd have chosen a stand alone name. One synonym of "radiance" listed as "Gleam" which I kinda like....Carnival Gleam! Though that may remind people too much of the old brand of toothpaste I guess.
  13. After a few hours navigating around the site, I overall don't mind the update. Did I like the old site better? Yes, but I can deal with this and I like that you can get instant notifications at the bottom of the screen for new replies and the handy "like/heart" button is nice. Also I can turn off all the unsightly signatures that I don't want to see which makes scrolling a breeze! My only gripe, and it's a big one, is the bright white background which is too harsh behind the fonts. You need some contrast to alleviate eye strain. A grey background would do wonders here and I hope they add the choice to choose that in settings. Another gripe is that I can't unsubscribe by e mail to specific threads anymore. So I just unsubscribed to everything by e mail.
  14. There also seems to be no way to unsubscribe from a specific thread that you posted in. Usually in the e mail notification, at the bottom it would say "unsubscribe from this thread" and it's not there anymore. Is there no way to subscribe from some threads and not others anymore? All or nothing?
  15. Not too bad at all. Many others are also letting Carnival know on their home page the name stinks. I think "Sunset" would've been a much better choice. But whatever, if it floats your boat that's wonderful!
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