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  1. Hi Jim have a great cruise you are so very lucky to be able to jump on a ship and sail away. I am really hoping that you get an upgrade to a century suite as we have one booked for a Feb sailing. Enjoy stay safe and maybe one day our paths will cross 👏👍🏻
  2. Hello really good and helpful information what is the smoking policy on the Epic, is smoking allowed in the casino or in the bars thanks
  3. Hi Jim when you get to Aruba go to the Renaissance hotel see if you can book a day pass go to their island it is fantastic beautiful beach and tiki bar plus the flamingos are wonderful 👍🏻
  4. Hi Guys, you have a fantastic cabin you will love it these are probably the best location on the ship and the balcony is huge enjoy 👍🏻
  5. Hi depending which sailing sept 02 has a 1A available 8252 which is the first cabin on the hump extra large balcony Sept 09 has an aft Aqua1 cabin available it is showing as an accessible cabin but is open for booking hope this helps both are offering good savings.
  6. I have sailed a few times on Azamara, the last time in 2018, I found the selected wines to be not that good, they were supermarket price range about £6 at the most. Also the spirits in the basic package were not the best. If you like a nice malt whiskey then you will need to upgrade to the ultimate package.
  7. Thank you for your prompt reply, I thought that was the case I will upgrade but I am not a big fan of Azamara’s drink packages, but never mind I just cannot wait to go on our Transatlantic in November.
  8. A quick question, I will upgrade to the ultimate package because I like to enjoy a single malt. However, if I wanted a nice glass of bubbly would I just pay the difference in price. For example the included sparkling wine is say $14 per glass but the better one is $18, will I be charged $4 or $18 thanks Steve
  9. Please remember that Constellation was not revolutionised the Millennium from Miami May be a better option.
  10. Hi yes I did notice that it had been added the last time I checked 👍🏻🛳
  11. I am in the UK and both myself and my wife have had both jabs (Pfizer). we have the cards showing our jab information but the UK Government now have a National Health Service app. I have registered and it has details of my COVID Injections and can be used as a vaccination Passport. I am really impressed very easy to use. Also if anyone does not have a smartphone or is unable to download the App then they can request a paper copy from their doctor’s surgery.
  12. I am in the UK and both myself and my wife have had both jabs (Pfizer). we have the cards showing our jab information but the UK Government now have a National Health Service app. I have registered and it has details of my COVID Injections and can be used as a vaccination Passport. I am really impressed.
  13. Have stayed in #1552 and would choose this cabin again. Had no issues with the view and is great for the forward stairs or elevators. The cabin is also near the secret staircase to the spa
  14. Your reviews are fantastic, if you ever sail from Miami or Ft Lauderdale have a look at the Diplomat Resort in Hollywood Beach. You can arrange parking and get a cab to the cruise port it is a fantastic hotel
  15. Hello Noreen what a fantastic review we sailed the same trip in March 2019 and it was fantastic to discover this it brought back so many memories. Our cruises for 2020 were all cancelled and we have a Celebrity suite booked Royals are sold out for the Apex sailing 27 Feb 2021, will it sail who knows, hope so. I love driving in America and drove from Atlanta to Nashville, Memphis and then to Biloxi to take in New Orleans.Great trip but was so glad we had booked our hotels because we were in Nashville when 9/11 happened. Anyway I notice you have the Constellation booked for Feb 22, we had her booked as well but switched to the Millennium sailing from Ft Lauderdale instead of Tampa. The Constellation has not been refurbished due to COVID. If you visit Antigua again think about visiting St John’s Harbour, we took the local bus great experience the people are lovely. We then took a boat from the harbour to the hotel across from the harbour. We paid a fee which included use of the facilities and lunch with 2 drinks each. Very private and a wonderful beach which can only be accessed from the hotel. We decided to take the bus after a bad experience with a local taxi on a previous visit and reading some good advice on these boards. once again many thanks for the review it felt like we were sailing along with you so much so that tomorrow I am going to read your review of the reflection. Stay Safe
  16. Behind you in the line for martini bar 👏🍷🍷🍸
  17. We have two bookings, Constellation 26 Feb 2021 and Millennium 21 Feb 22 both in CS we grabbed both cabins during a promotion and switched 2 previous on board bookings. Just checked and the same category for both cruises is over £1k or about $1300 per person more. We are still unsure if we will be sailing in 2021 we could lift and shift then wait it out to see what happens but we are going to see what things are like come final payment.
  18. We are booked on the Constellation Feb 26th out of Tampa. I just did a quick look at a dummy booking. There are very few cabins that are booked right the way up to Aqua. The only cabins that are booked are the suites. There is 1 S1 available 2 CS and 2RS pit looks like most have jumped ship because prior to February this year the ship was showing very limited availability. We booked a CS and got a great deal during a sale, because of this we are hoping that it will sail but I am not holding my breath. However there is now way we will make final payment in December if sailings have not started.
  19. We have flights booked to Miami from the UK, if they go it is likely that we will do a land vacation in Florida, or maybe a trip to Hawaii. That is if the virus allows travel. We will be able to cancel or move our flights due to BA’s Covid booking conditions. I just hope we can sail but as said in another thread if we need to wear a mask and keep apart I do not think cruising will be something that will appeal. The world has gone mad
  20. We have a cruise booked from Tampa late February 2021 final payment is due in December. If there are no sailings by then or it has not been cancelled I will not be making the payment but as it was an on board booking I will just move it on and keep all the perks.
  21. The UK has hinted that international vacations may not be possible during 2020. We are booked on a February sailing, hope it sails but concerned about booking airfare I think it’s a wait and see but hopefully we travel and sail.
  22. Hi have sailed on the Constellation many times and loved the 14 night southern Caribbean cruises, continued sailing the itineraries on the Eclipse. Quick question, we have a trip booked in Feb 2021, we are going if we can. But are the specialty restaurants still Tuscan and Murano also do they have Silk Harvest thanks and stay safe 😎👍🏻
  23. Hi you and Dave seem great people, be safe and enjoy cruising we are on the Constellation in Feb 2021 and Feb 22 great itineries and great prices 👍🏻🍸🍸 once again thanks for a fantastic review I felt I was really there
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