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  1. We did have a great time @DEBCAT65 It was our 20th Anniversary trip/first trip without kids! I did meet multiple people really upset about not being able to catamaran snorkel on Cozumel (and not finding out until the 10:45am meet time - when it was too late to figure something else out).
  2. It was VERY disappointing to be so close to Costa Maya - only to be turned away for the reason we were given. I get medical emergencies etc- but another ship taking the spot? And then the speed used to reach Cozumel that evening made conditions on deck not ideal for pool use/ lounging.
  3. Any idea why a Carnival ship was blocking Enchantment’s arrival at Costa Maya today? Enchantment is skipping the port and heading to overnight in Cozumel.
  4. I would just have the kids do it. My husband did it with our kids. I don't think all of the cupcakes ended up getting eaten . They made a dog or cat that was multiple cupcakes.
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