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  1. Thanks all.....I'll look at the Olympus waterproofs and see if I can find a good used cheap one. If not, I'll go with the pouch. I do want to take pictures of the fish while snorkling.
  2. marysb thank you! I noticed on out last cruise and on a recent trip to DR that many people were using their iPhones in plastic sealed up pouches and taking them in the water with them and actually taking pictures under the surface of the water. I hated to invest in an underwater camera to use maybe once per year on a snorkling excursion if a plastic pouch would work. I'll try to find out more on these pouches. Thanks again..
  3. Thanks! zqvol.....do you have any reasonable suggestions for a waterproof camera? Since I don't cruise much, I'm not very knowledgeable regarding a reasonably priced solution. Thanks for your input. 🙂
  4. @mitsugirly I enjoyed reading your very detailed reviews! And your snorkling pictures were breathtaking! Probably some of the best I have seen on these type boards. Do you mind me asking what type camera you used in the water? We have a girls cruise coming up in August 2020 (I hope it can happen) and I plan on doing some snorkling. I have never been to the National Park before but I have Money Bar. After seeing your beautiful pics, I think we might try the Park
  5. I love to snorkel but only go on one cruise per year, max. I have seen people putting their iPhone in clear pouches to snorkel. Amazon has them pretty cheap; $10'ish. Has anyone used these before and happy with the results, ease of taking pictures and no damage to iPhone? Not sure if our August cruise will even take place or not but I want to be ready in case it IS safe. And I would really love to take pictures! Any advise, tips or general info regarding taking pictures while snorkeling would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Has anyone done the Pirate Ship Excursion from Cabo while in port on the Royal Princess? Girls trip and we wanted to do something fun. Have never been to Cabo before. It mentioned snorkeling, but did not say where in Cabo or give a whole lot of detail about what to expect. I guess we could always wait until we board and ask someone from Princess that books the excursions. We sail On September 29th. Thanks for your input!
  7. Thanks, CruiserBruce! That answers my question. I’ll bring more small bills to minimize any possible change in Pesos.
  8. Thanks all for the input! I’ll definitely get something to protect the wine and my clothes in case it does break! I didn’t realize they made such. Same with the extension plugs for electrical outlets. Thanks again!
  9. Hi all! Our first cruise on Royal Princess is coming up next week and we are excited!! I have a couple of questions: I know we are allowed 1 bottle of wine (per person) for consumption in our cabin, but I “think” it has to be in our carryon? If this is true and we are flying into LAX, then the wine must be packed in our checked luggage to keep TSA happy. So what do you do? Get the wine back out of your luggage at baggage claim so it can be ‘carried on’? Wait and buy a bottle of wine at the airport and put it in your carryon then? This is my first time to f
  10. Hi! Getting excited about my first Cabo cruise in 1 week! I read on another forum that Cabo is very Americanized and they readily accept US currency. In fact that most merchants would rather have dollars instead of pesos as the exchange rate is better on the dollar. The disadvantage was that most merchants would make change and give you pesos in return rather than American currency. It was recommended to carry lots of smaller bills (1, 5, & 10) to make the “getting change” more favorable. Has anyone found this to be true? I had planned on carrying smaller bills
  11. Thanks all for your excellent suggestions! You brought to attention things that I had not thought of. I’ll get the unlimited package as not to worry about logging off. I really only Need the internet to make WiFi calls but I do need to call home & surely don’t want to lose my minutes by forgetting to log off ( which I would surely do).
  12. Thanks Vampiress; this answers my questions! I think I can manage this. 🙂 I also agree with Mike45LC, I don't think I need the apps since I am not so tech savvy, nor do I want to be. I can order my drinks the old fashioned way. Schedule of Activities might be nice though if they don't give you a paper copy.
  13. I will be on the Royal Princess soon (first time Princess) and plan on purchasing the internet package. I'm old. I'm not into all these apps and new technology. I know the basics. How does the internet actually work on my smartphone (iPhone)? Do I just connect to the Princess internet once I'm boarded and Princess knows I have paid or do I need to add all the apps (medallion) that I keep reading about? I had planned on getting the Medallion apps but got totally confused when I realized there were multiple apps and quiet a few people were having problems getting "ocean ready",
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