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  1. “Minion?” Martincath, hopefully you say this in jest? I don’t believe you need to use such a derogatory term for a fellow human employed to assist in security or to help you board.
  2. Yes! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday Season and the best of health and happy travel in the New Year!
  3. And I bought a beautiful watch. Plenty on which to spend on board credit, even for an all inclusive cruise.😊
  4. After cruising on large mainstream lines, my husband and I absolutely loved our one (so far!) Regent Cruise. We only did the included tours and really liked them. We did leave some bus tours to explore certain towns on our own, toward the end. (Notifying the tour guide, of course.).
  5. Thank you, Flossie and Ronrick, for your insight on the role of the Butler and the definition of “named” suite. I’ll be better prepared in the future, and expect a bit more from my Butler, should I be fortunate enough to have one.
  6. We were in a “named” suite; the lovely Mariner. I had no idea that we could have had in suite dining from the specialty restaurants. Did I need to corner the Butler and ask HER what “special benefits” we were entitled to? Or is this published somewhere, or only on this very helpful Cruise Critic?
  7. Just wanted to add to the chorus of sentiment that I’ve missed hearing from you, Jackie, and I very much appreciate your sharing your trip (and prior travel experience) with us.
  8. Thank you for sharing your cruise and for writing the review! It is very helpful for those of us weighing the benefits of fabulous Regent vs. other top level benefits of other mainstream cruise lines, in addition to TC’s good insights.
  9. Kwaj girl, those plant based food selections sound wonderful! Can’t wait for our next cruise!
  10. The prices seem pretty reasonable, compared to NYC prices! Now that I live in North Carolina, thankfully I pay significantly less. For everything! But on my one (so far!😊) Regent Cruise, I understood that I needed a salon service and didn’t mind paying.
  11. Thank you, JC, for taking the time to share your cruise experiences with us. I love your sunny attitude! Hope you travel with Regent again! ~ Lorraine
  12. Happy Belated Birthday to beautiful Shauna! And thank you again for sharing your fabulous pictures. Brings back memories of a prior cruise to that area. And Peggy’s Cove! Such a lovely time of the year.
  13. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experiences. Love your pictures. Enjoy your beautiful cruise of Canada and the Northeast! ~ Lorraine
  14. Look forward to a real treat! After mainstream cruises, my DH and I were just thrilled to be on the Mariner a year ago in a beautiful suite. The service, accommodations, culinary offerings and general ambiance are definitely a step above what you may be accustomed to! Our only regret is not asking for more of our personal preferences from our Butler (or whomever might be providing your room service) and at various dining venues. We absolutely love Regent now and look forward to future cruises. Some people on CC can cruise more frequently than others, but we all share a fondness for Regent!
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