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  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your wonderful cruise with us! Sounds like it was very interesting and lovely!
  2. Thank you for sharing the vegetarian selections. And, the Gin & Tonic drinks look really lovely!
  3. I’m so very sorry, Dan. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for your information, TC. ~ Lorraine
  4. Thank you all for your good answers! I do like to dine in the suite for breakfast only!
  5. We were in the Mariner Suite in May 2018, and it is beautiful. In looking at my trip pictures, it is a full size sofa. It actually appears a bit smaller than the full size sofas in my home, but definitely bigger than a loveseat. Three people could sit on it.
  6. Thank you for sharing your cruise and for posting these fabulous pictures. I appreciate seeing how beautiful Explorer really is! I also thank you for the pictures of your F2 cabin. Question: Is there enough room to comfortably dine in the suite? We made the “mistake “ of cruising the Mariner in a named suite for our first Regent cruise, and cannot quite afford to repeat that very frequently. Perhaps an F2, though (without that extra bathroom) might work. It looks quite spacious.
  7. Wow! I used to drink TAB for years. Loved it! Until I gave up diet sodas and became mysteriously thinner. I do drink regular coke sometimes now.
  8. In our May Alaska cruise we were mid-ship in 1010, on Mariner, under the pool deck. There were no noise issues at all. It was a fabulous cruise!
  9. Thank you very much for for sharing your wonderful trip with us! I also appreciate your stunning pictures and your helpful comments on the Navigator!
  10. Thank you, kjbacon, for understanding! As you mentioned earlier, any movement toward a plant-based diet is to be commended. Hopefully Regent will continue in this direction to include those of us who desire these foods. And fine chocolate is always welcome!
  11. As a vegetarian I agree that Dr Praegers is very good! By the way, I certainly don’t think of any food as a “meat substitute.” I eat only what I love. And it may involve chocolate!😊
  12. Bill, as Pingpong mentioned, many times you can find reasonable BC/FC seats. I am over 6’ tall, over 60 now & need comfort! I can generally find decently priced BC tickets. My husband & I just can’t fly coach anymore. I recently flew RT Atlanta to NYC for only $139 extra for FC. It just takes a little extra time to research prices.
  13. Thank you for sharing your trip with us! Beautiful pictures!
  14. I have learned a considerable amount on this forum from all of you wonderful, kind seasoned Regent cruisers! We did not receive a rebate on our first Regent cruise, for which we were in a “named” suite. (Only mentioning this suite because we paid a good amount for the cruise.). Sorry to ask this, but how DO I find the great TA many of you seem to have?
  15. Thank you so much for sharing this! My DH and I have an expensive sleep number bed, which is NOT as comfortable as the bed we slept in on our ONE Regent cruise. The cost for shipping a king size mattress is only about $300 2nd day air. Of course we’ll have to try more nights-at-sea before we buy, but these mattresses are reasonably priced, in my opinion.
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