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  1. At the moment, Sweden has one of the highest death rates per capita in the world (8th). In fact, not doing anything caused people to be more fearful about going out than in countries where restrictions were put into place. As a result their economy suffered just as much initial economic damage than in those countries who had imposed severe restrictions. As noted, by many of the comments in this thread, the biggest difference in Sweden, like in many Asian countries, is public compliance to social distancing, so while the initial death rate is high and economic impact was the same, deaths and ca
  2. Thanks Keith1010, I see you had some of my posts removed. Did I say something to offend you or others on this board? Does going slightly off topic call for posts to be removed? I mean seriously.
  3. KL is very close to Singapore and is a very short 55 minute flight. There are literally dozens of flights to choose from each day and the prices are inexpensive in any cabin class i.e a one way business class fare on Singapore Airlines is less than $500. Crystal is offering $500 pp change fee to KL so if you can get to Singapore you can very easily and quickly get to KL. If you want to drive it is 5 hours.
  4. My question would be how do you secure a 4 top table for just two people every evening in a packed restaurant? I have tried myself several times and was never able to secure one.
  5. I have often read on these boards that the enrichment and programs on the world cruise is “Crystal on Steroids”. It doesn’t seem any different to me than what I have experienced on any other non-world cruise segment. Agree the lecturers aside from one have been good, but they are only part of it. When you hear the words “Crystal on Steroids” it conjures up something more robust.
  6. Agree, we should have and will. We have a very good rapport with our head waiter and will address it the next time there.
  7. Well I was able to get my GPS to work and it indicates that we are well on our way to Fiji. So we will see what happens. Also, the weather looks to be clearing and I anticipate some sun in a few hours - which is good.
  8. I am not surprised and picked up on this a few days ago. I suspect that they already knew about this for several days. Over the last few nights, after the shows when Rick came out he joked several times about “hopefully” being able to stop in Tonga. I have a feeling Fiji will be much the same. Would be good to know sooner than later so we can get our head around it. Getting a bit of cabin fever as we have been off the ship for only 15 minutes in the past week and the enrichment program isn’t exactly what we would have expected from a leg of the world cruise.
  9. Interestingly, following on from my wife’s post above, we ate at Waterside last night, told our server very specifically that we wanted a break between each course, to which she agreed, ordered three courses and each one came out in rapid fire succession. We couldn’t even make a second request for a break because the next course was already at the table just as the previous course plates were being cleared. We were in and out within an hour. We’ll try again in a few days.
  10. Interesting. Yes, all of the coral in the lagoon at the Hilton, and I presume elsewhere around Mo’orea, had died at some point due to global warming and the unusually high water temperatures. It is really a shame to see what is happening around the world with the coral reefs, it is similar to the bushfires we are having in Australia, yet goes largely unseen/unnoticed underwater. However, as you mention, there has been an amazing regeneration of the corals. Still a long way to go but really great to see it and the accompanying sea life that comes with it. Didn’t realize the Hilton was growing
  11. What a treat to wake up and watch Crystal Serenity arrive into Mo’orea this morning from our overwater bungalow ahead of our embarkation tomorrow...
  12. I am excited to see what it is like as we have made many comments about having a deck party by the pool. See you in a few days...
  13. That’s wonderful, looking forward to reading about it. Bon Voyage.
  14. Stickman, thanks for the posts looking forward to following along on this segment. Is there a list of World Cruise Games that you can post as I would be curious to see what is on offer?
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