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  1. I refer to them now as the brand name, Havaiana’s or Birkenstocks in order to differentiate them. As Roland4 says there are too many types and styles these days. I have worn Birkenstocks to Waterside for lunch in warm weather, but never Havaiana’s. If sitting by the pool, I would wear Havaiana’s into Marketplace to grab my food and eat it in the Trident/Silk area. I would never wear either at night, but rather a loafer or driving shoe without socks. What a funny topic!
  2. We had an experience in Anchorage a couple years ago where everyone pretty much needed to use the Crystal transfer to the airport due to the distance from the port to the airport. We arrived to the airport and our luggage arrived an hour later - due to the fact that the luggage was not loaded on to the buses but rather a separate truck. Made for a stressful time, but it worked out in the end.
  3. TER777 - what are the port times in Shanghai - the website has been showing 2pm to 2pm for some time now? I dont recall receiving anything from Crystal. Glen
  4. Keith - I agree that restaurants these days are always trying to push people out as quickly as possible, the same goes here in Australia. We love that we are able to slow it down on Crystal. I noticed that you two eat at the same four top table each night at Waterside - quick question...with open dining are the staff usually ameanable to two people sitting at a four top? With the two tops so close together in the new setup this may be a good option for us. Glen
  5. Hammo - as mentioned all the inclusive wines are pretty much readily available everywhere. If not the bar staff or sommeliers wont hesitate to grab your favourite bottle for you. What I always do is I go to the Crystal Cove early in the cruise and ask for the all inclusive wine list and snap a photo of the white & reds on my iPhone so that I have the list on hand and can refer to it throughout the cruise. As mentioned, depending on the ports, new AI wines may be brought on throughout the cruise (South Africa, New Zealand, Australia etc.). All in all they do a great job with the wines. Here is a list from a past cruise just so you can get an idea of what’s in store...
  6. Looks like Crystsal will be missing out on Alaska in 2020 but not 2021 as Endeavor will be doing 5 voyages in and around Alaska between 12 June - 18 August 2021. Fares starting from US$12,300pp - which will pretty much price most people out. Shame that the other two ships wont be going there, but the Med and Northern Europe might sell better.
  7. It is a really good perk to be able to get some bottles sent to the room, however I really only did this on our first ever cruise, perhaps because of the novelty of it. I asked for a cognac and received a 1 litre bottle. Maybe because it was only a 10 day cruise, but I ended up leaving over half the bottle which I thought was quite wasteful as it would end up down the sink in the end. I also find that we rarely even touch the wines in the room. I suppose it comes down to personal choice, we would much rather go down to the Cove or Avenue and socialize for a pre-dinner drink than have one in the room. Conversely, at the end of the night, if I feel like a nightcap, which is most nights - I would find my favourite bartender, have a chat and then take my drink back to the room. This is the beauty of Crystal - the choice is yours no matter what your preference is. You can even ask your butler to have a glass of your favourite nightcap waiting for you in the room if you so desire...I am getting excited now...50 days to go until Symphony, however no butler this time around unfortunately 😞
  8. We also really love Symphony - I prefer her to Serenity. In fact we have always thought/experienced the opposite regarding service in Waterside, much better on Symphony than Serenity - for us at least. In August last year Slavko was on leave and he came back in October, I always thought when he was running the show all the staff seemed to be playing their A-game and things would slip somewhat when he wasnt there - at least this seems to be the correlation between what we experienced and read on CC. Now that he has left Crystal, it will be interesting to see what happens when we are on Symphony in May.
  9. Thanks for all the great posts, we really enjoyed “travelling” along with you. Looking forward to seeing you on the May cruise, I suspect that we will have quite a lively and exciting live blog going on that one.
  10. Where ever you choose it will be fantastic. Last year we celebrated our anniversary in Prego on Symphony and didnt even tell anyone it was our anniversary - at the end of dinner an anniversary cake appeared. That was impressive. I do love the idea of a four top table by the window in Waterside, special order menu, a nice bottle of wine, watching the sun go down and the water go by - heaven.
  11. Also with the Magic Castle in LA, the door charge of $25(weekdays)/$35(weekends) is waived for Crystal ticket holders which is great. The only obligation is that you are required to have dinner. Regarding the transfer of tickets, the older tickets that we hold do not have our names on them or any disclaimers so I suppose technically these can be transfered to others. The newer tickets that we hold, from around July 2018 onwards, have a space where our names and cruise numbers were written in on the ticket and below that it says “Pass not valid unless it contains the passenger and cruise number. THIS PASS CANNOT BE SOLD OR TRANSFERRED” The last sentence was in capital letters on the ticket so I suppose they are now enforcing this, and making it super exclusive. This will also make it difficult to bring others with you. As we have quite a few tickets now including the older ones and because they dont expire, I will keep the older ones without a name on them in case we ever want to bring friends with us. Glen
  12. We love Magic Castle at Sea and the Magic Castle in LA. We were there this past Janaury for the first time and it was absolutely fantastic. We booked it about 10-11 months out. The food was average, but then again it isnt about the food. We arrived there just about when it opened at 5pm and stayed until around 11pm, we had dinner at 8pm which was the second seating. However, it seemed that most people arrived at the same time which meant the close up magic shows from 5-7pm were pretty hard to get into as each show only accomodates 26 people, so you need to stand on line for up to 45 minutes. The next time we go we will arrive a bit later after the crowds settle in and stay later in the evening as it tends to thin out once people start going to their dinner seatings beginning at 6pm - I believe the dinner seatings are 6/8/10pm. The week that you are set to go, you should go to the MagicCastle.com website and click on the Now Appearing tab to see the weekly program of who will performing magic and the show times so that you can plan out the evening a bit. Also, note that there is other magic happening throughout and not just the shows listed on the program. Often times member magicians who are there on the evening will do impromtu magic over the course of the evening in the different rooms. The Castle is quite large so have a goood walk around it. There are many bars and little nooks and lots of quirky things around - an owl above one of the bars that answers yes and no questions / a telephone that should be picked up when you go past it / a piano that plays songs upon request etc.etc. Drinks can be taken everywhere, including into the shows. It really is a special place and we will certainly make this a go to place everytime we find ourselves in LA. This is such a great but little know benefit of sailing with Crystal. Enjoy! Glen
  13. This was from our April 2017 Crystal Mozart trip...
  14. This is a big loss for Crystal Symphony, the service staff and all of us as passengers. Slavko was an incredible restaurant manager. Like Keith mentions, he seemed to be everywhere at all times keeping an eye on things, making sure everything was perfect. He was a great leader for the service staff and very charming, engaging and accomodating to us as customers. We are going to miss him on our next cruise in May. Having said that, I am really a happy for him and his family and wish him all the best. Maybe he will turn up on Crystal Mozart - a little closer to home for him.
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