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  1. We had the same "Garlic" experience once before also....(could have been on the Escape?LOL).. But this trip to Teppanyaki was very good. We did ONDA this last trip, since our next 2 ships wont have it... So, we wanted to make sure we got there. I'd definitely include ONDA in your schedule if possible, It was much different than LaCuchina. with the Platinum vouchers ALL of the locations we've used them they only allow 1 app, 1 entree, 1 desert. So, it is a little more restrictive than the typical dining plan.. They were flexible with us though at Cagneys and LosLobos...but we were in the H
  2. The info on NCL website states that it is Q and Los Lobos. And we had made reservations at LL to use our voucher. BUT, while we were waiting for our dinner reservation at ONDA (a night earlier) we saw them accepting the vouchers for LaCuchina there....SO we ran and got our Voucher, and used it at ONDA.....It may have been a mistake on the hostess' part, but we took advantage. 2 in our party of 4 had the dinning plan. The voucher doesn't allow as many items for dinner, but the dinning plan allowed us to order A LOT. so, we added a pizza and 2 pastas to share for our table of 4. The food
  3. I liked it. It was very noisy, but we were right by the kitchen entrance. My one daughter didn’t like the pasta, but everyone else did. The pizza was very good, and the salmon was very nice.
  4. The voucher was printed saying only Q or LosLobos, but I saw one being used at the hostess desk. So, I asked and she said we could us it there also...so I did take advantage of it.... might have been a mistake, but it seemed like multiple people did it.
  5. My wife and I had the SDP, our 2 daughters were able to use our platinum voucher for lacuchina. We ordered an app each, a pizza, 2 pastas, our mains, and a dessert ea. Our daughters got an app, main, dessert. So we shared the pizza and the pastas with everyone.. it was WAY too much food.....
  6. I'm still not convinced that they didn't just forget to remove the packing wrap.....LOL 🤣🤣🚢⚓
  7. I'm thinking that is an Inner-Tube elevator. you wont need to carry your inner-tube to the top yourself. Now if they could just get me up there without the stairs also.... win. lol
  8. I was thinking the same thing..... I dont think its just typical summer repositioning... Joy/Bliss in Alaska/Mexico. Encore in NY. Escape in Europe/Orlando..... Just leaves the Breakaway....?? seems odd?
  9. We are booked for Dec. 8th. We are still excited to be on the encore. I think you will still find plenty of places and time to relax. Worse case, book now, and when the actual reviews come in in December, you can always change your plans. You should still have plenty of time to change cruises without a penalty. My thoughts are , don’t fret over something that you can easily correct if you need to.
  10. Just made an additional payment on my Dec. 8th cruise..... I'm ALL IN. 🚢😎
  11. If it's like the others (which it should). There will be an access door off the hallway, into the pool area. Its about halfway down the hall. There will be a separate door to the bar area.. since it's still under construction I'm guessing, but I think you will be fine for easy access to the pool,bar,and lounge.
  12. Not sure the context. But it's by a Spanish painter.... My guess is long term NCL may be thinking of sending her to Barcelona.
  13. WOW, thanks for getting the pic.... This really makes it look like its becoming a real ship. so excited. 😎
  14. 😥 thanks for all the ones you've been able to get....They've been great
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