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  1. I never have been on NCL, but after seeing this video I’m looking forward to our next cruise in this type of suite😮 sweet 😍
  2. Once you get toStone Island by boat, are there any tractors for transportation to get you to the beach restaurants without the long walk?
  3. I did not know that 🤔 wish I did as you’d get the best of both worlds, spa facilities and the private Havana retreat 👍
  4. I haven’t heard of a Havana Cabana Spa Suite.
  5. It’s closed on debarkation morning.
  6. Dani is it possible for you to change your font? It’s pretty but hard to read and gives me a headache 🤣
  7. I heard that before you reach your 15 drink limit you can just buy a drink or bucket if you want. If you try this after the 15 drink limit you’ll be cut off.
  8. Can you just answer a question without being an ass😡.
  9. Had that for sale in Puerto Vallarta. Excellent.
  10. Why does every picture I see of people on embarkation always looked pissed off or bored LOL. You’re going on a cruise people, 😃
  11. I really like your review and writing style and if you don’t mind, I’d like to see your reviews of past cruises. How can I access them?
  12. I like the margaritas you got at the Alchemy vs what you just showed at the Blue Iguana. What do you think Sid?
  13. Glad to see they are enforcing the no entry with no wrist band in the Havana pool area.
  14. This is exactly why we booked a Havana cabin on the Panorama 😮
  15. I love every tequila drink I’ve seen you post. Looking forward to trying them on the Panorama 😋
  16. Why do the plates have to be so big for such a tiny morsel LOL.
  17. Don’t worry about not having the chance seeing any paranormal activity on this ship. It is haunted. When my husband and I were looking for a venue to get married we checked out the Queen Mary since our honeymoon was on the Elation. We were taken to the Chapel, it still had its old charm. Wooden benches, wooden everything. It felt dark and depressing and both husband and I felt strange vibes. The kind that you feel in your bones something is there. We never booked the venue but were given free passes to explore the ship. I still had the creepies with me the entire time. Also, the room where the propeller is kept, under water, I refuse to even walk in there. It’s really creepy.
  18. 😮😮😮 how disgusting!
  19. I’m in California, what is a Love Bug?
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