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  1. Great review! I have the unlimited dining plan for my Harmony trip next month, I’m looking forward to trying Wonderland.
  2. We paid an up charge for the last three boardwalk rooms on Symphony (10325, 10327, 10329) with the abyss slide. While the slide does get in the way, I still loved the location and view. Here are some pics.
  3. I enjoyed everything I ordered in the MDR on Symphony. Here were some of my favorites: Appetizers: French Onion Soup Lobster Bisque Crab Cake Meals: Prime Rib Beef Tenderloin Garlic Tiger Shrimp (I got that with the steak) Chicken Parmesan (needed more sauce though) Lobster Tails (I also got that with the steak) Dessert: Grand Mariner Souffle (I don't eat chocolate, but my family raves about this) One night they do the tiny doughnuts/beignets - they are nice enough to give me strawberry sauce instead of the chocolate too
  4. I live in Maine, if you’re looking for New England foilage I’d wait til October. I’m not any help with what ship, but I’d look for the most recently refurbished.
  5. I was able to book this through the cruise planner a few days prior to my cruise. For some reason though I had to book each room separetly, even though other things I could book multiple rooms for reservations at once. Good luck - it’s a lot of fun!
  6. You are not overreacting. I’m very sensitive to smoke and would be furious. I’d keep calling.
  7. Thanks for this insight, I hope it's that way when I go on Harmony in October. I'm completely fine with paying an additional $4 & gratuity if I want 2 proteins, but it's absurd to only allow the $35 credit towards it where it's a fixed fee restaurant. I understand the limit so you don't order $100 worth of sushi but for the hibachi side it would seem like it should be more like Chops/Wonderland in that it's included except for the upcharge. I've saved my communications and hopefully won't have any issues. Hibachi was the main reason I decided to go w/ the UDP instead of the 3 night package.
  8. I messaged RCCL last night and after them first telling me it was only a $35 allotment, I got this reply. I still plan to argue for the combo. So frustrating how they keep changing it.
  9. This really upsets me. I don’t care about the upcharge on a second main course but now being charged more on a restaurant that was included isn’t right. Since the package became the unlimited, I’ve seen many reviews of people able to eat there. I booked this package specifically because it was in this package but not the 3 night one. I guess ill I’ll be prepared for a fight when I board Harmony in October.
  10. Thanks for the pictures, I’m glad you had a good trip!
  11. Thanks for the review. What room number did you have on the boardwalk out of curiousity? I have room 8711 in October on the boardwalk.
  12. I look forward to reading more of your review. It's nice to get a fresh perspective! I'm on Harmony in October, can't wait!
  13. When I was on Symphony a few months ago they kept offering the three package plan, no deals on first night.
  14. I just called and refared my February cruise on the Regal and saved $120. I don’t care what they call the sale, I’ll take the savings.
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