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  1. I do love Bette Davis, the old movies have so much substance and always a message. I do believe that each day is a gift, that is why it is called " the present".
  2. Thank you, I will join this weekend.
  3. I am giving it serious thought for 2023. I have afew issues that I have to tend too before I book. I know it will be an amazing adventure.
  4. Hi Jim, I am thinking very hard about the WC. I have to do my Bermuda Escape and SAC ( Southern Atlantic Crossing ) first. I think if I do the WC they will have to carry me of of the ship as I scream and cry that I want to stay on. My real issue is, I want to do the WC alone, that in it self is a issue. Let me order another Baileys and coffee and continue to consider.
  5. You make a very good point. I think I need a Baileys and coffee to calm me down now, as I continue to consider a World Cruise. Enjoy your cocktails, everyone.
  6. There was a calming Tea service on our 2017 Cities of Antiquity cruise, If I remember correctly it happened during the regular Tea. We are thinking of booking the Great lakes cruise in 2023. Already booked on the Bermuda cruise for 7/20/21, so looking forward. Off to predinner cocktails in the lounge.
  7. Ragnar, I want you to find your happy place and stay there for a while. Joins us in the Explorers lounge for a drink.. Lots of history on the Mississippi River.
  8. I do want to do a World Cruise, but! my children (grown children) do not want me to travel away for that amount of time. I think I will do an extended cruise, really not sure about a World cruise. As you said, I am getting older. I missed 2020 and 21. We shall see.
  9. Hi Tayanalorna, Thank you so much for the information. I have decided to do the Viking Bermuda to Bermuda in July. I will wait for San Juan until things get better. I am so addicted to travel that I feel like I am in a form of withdrawal. July will be a big help. Stay safe and thank you again!
  10. World Travellers, Viking is booked until 2023. I don't know if I am glad or sad. After 2020 and all that has gone on I do not have the desire to do a world cruise any longer. On another note. San Juan seems to be open to tourist, I hope that is correct. I love San Juan.I am considering a week in San Juan, asap. We will do Bermuda to Bermuda in July . I am so looking forward to sailing. I am keeping my fingers crossed for our 11/14/21 cruise. As far as Texas and Florida! I have no words. Back to the lounge for Baileys and coffee, topped with day dreams.
  11. Viking will be testing for Covid onboard ocean ships, Several ships have onboard testing already. All ocean ships will be equiped before sailing.
  12. Hello everyone, long time, no talk. Anyway all is well with me. We booked our air for the Southern Atlantic Crossing last week.. I am keeping the faith that this cruise will be a go. I think I will wander up to the lounge and watch the world pass by. I have been in my stateroom much to long. I will have a half cap with bailys and catch up. I will share a secret with you. In my second career, I am a TA. I have booked more cruises in the last month than I have in the past six months. Viking is filling up ships for 2022 and 2023, River more so than Ocean, it seems people
  13. Jim Avery, Strategie Air Command, never entered my mind, even though my son and my deceased husband are/were Air Force. You are correct it is Southern Atlantic Crossing.
  14. I must apologize, My children and grands are all geeks. I call them "text junkies" . SAC stands for Southern Atlantic Crossing. I looked at the page the other day and low and behold the air was free. I called Viking and they were more than helpful. Two of my friend decided to join. As a boomer myself, I should know better. As a former medical peson, I live in the world of acronyms. as a retired medical person I can do better.=
  15. So sorry, Southern Atlantic Crossing.( SAC).
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