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  1. Jim Avery, Strategie Air Command, never entered my mind, even though my son and my deceased husband are/were Air Force. You are correct it is Southern Atlantic Crossing.
  2. I must apologize, My children and grands are all geeks. I call them "text junkies" . SAC stands for Southern Atlantic Crossing. I looked at the page the other day and low and behold the air was free. I called Viking and they were more than helpful. Two of my friend decided to join. As a boomer myself, I should know better. As a former medical peson, I live in the world of acronyms. as a retired medical person I can do better.=
  3. So sorry, Southern Atlantic Crossing.( SAC).
  4. Lovely pictures, thank you for sharing.
  5. Happy New Year. 2021 will be better. Just want to let everyone know that Viking has dropped the air for the 11/14/21 SAC. It is now free. It is my intention to book a Christmas cruise on the SAC this year. I simply love Christmas cruises. I have three previous Christmas cruise on two other lines. I look forward to seeing/sailing on a Viking Christmas cruise. We were on the Star for Thanksgiving several years ago. The preperations for the Christmas were underway, I could tell they would be lovely. Happy Cruising.
  6. We had cabin 3052 on the Star. We didn't hear any noise, but! we went to bed really late.
  7. I love dogs, but! cruising with one would be very different.
  8. I like the way you think, book a cruise and make it happen, after I finish my Irish coffee I am going to look into the 2022/23 WC, why not! this is not a dress rehersal you only have one time around. The Spa, lunch, an afternoon nape before star gazing, then back to the lounge for after dinner drinks and sail-away.
  9. There were small quiches on the menu when we sailed Cities of Antiquity in 2015 on the Star, if I remember correctly. I may be thinking of River. At some point cruies start running together. In the virtual lounge you may order what ever you like. Another Irish coffee, please.
  10. Add a little orange juice to that Proseco and you have my favorite breakfast drink. I bring my own bottle of Proseco onboard and order fresh orange juice, Quiche, Mimosa and coffee a great way to start the day, oh! fresh fruit on the side. Breakfast on the veranda, Irish coffee in the lounge. See ya'll soon.
  11. Yes! I will have a Valarita. I may have to return to my stateroom when I finish my Valarita.
  12. I love Downton Abby. I have watched the complete ( all six seasons) atleast six times. I have seem the movie twice. The beauty and elegance of the show appealed to me. I have actually set foot in Highclere, I also went to New York to visit the set and costumes from Downton Abby. Last year during a bad winter storm, I binge watched the series over a weekend. The history of Great Britian has always grabbed my imagination. I have dear friends that live in the English country side. I don't talk much when I visit, I rather listen to others. I do agree with you regarding th
  13. So very good to be back. I love the peace and quiet this time of day. I think I will have an Irish coffee. My roomie is watching Downton Abbey for the 30th time, at this point I can repeat the lines with the cast. I have moved on to Poldark, she is stuck in the Abby. Smooth sailing on this beautiful day, I think I will go to the Spa, then off to Tea later i will watch the Star show, but! for now I will enjoy my coffee and our conversation.
  14. I am sitting here wondering how in the world I list this thread for months. I have looked at and logged on to the cruise site (SAC 11/14/21) many times. I open a notice and this thread appeared. So glad I found myself here. I have spent so many lonely days, evenings and nights in the lounge with no one to really talk with. All is well now! I was lost, but! I have found my way again. I have a great deal of catching up to do.
  15. It is late, the lounge is almost empty., I like it. I have a drink with more melted ice than alcohol. I really don't like the taste of alcohol, this single malt taste better with a bit more water from the ice. Oh well! I am in awe of the gentle waves and the stars which seem to follow the ship as it glides across the water. I want to get up and head to my stateroom, I can't seem to move, I am so relax and it is so peaceful. I can't seem to remember the next port of call, not that it matters. This ship is my destination. The company, the comfort, the amazing service. I m
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