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    24 cruises on Celebrity. 20 on RCCL. One on Crystal. Two On HAL, One on Cunard. One on Azamara.

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  1. Ruthieofthesea

    Tell Me Why.....

    Trust me! Viking is an addiction. I have sailed for over thirty five years. Sailed with Celebrity for almost fourteen years. Stepped on Viking River when they were new nineteen years ago, Went back with the inception of the long ships. I am so very hooked. I am working my way through VO. Back on he Star in November. Will plan 2018 onboard the Star. Happy cruising:ship: Viking is! you add the ending.:)
  2. Ruthieofthesea

    Viking Air ticketing flights

    I think the problem occurs when your book Viking Air through a TA. This is my fourth Viking cruise, we booked our air through Viking, but! we booked our upgrades through the airlines. So far we have used Air Canada, British Airways, Air France and we are booked on United, Aegean and Lufthansa for our November cruise. We booked our up grades direct. Vikings upgrades seem to be extremely high:confused: I wonder why??? Happy cruising.
  3. This is the marker for me between X and Viking. Viking treats everyone as if they are Suite guest. The beautiful ships, lovely spaces, inviting cabins, amazing service. You can not get that on a ship with three thousand people. The upper class get excellent treatment , other, well! you are some what on your own:(.
  4. I simply love Viking. I sailed with X for twenty years, as they grew they changed, to much of everything, especially people. As an Elite Plus with X. I have sailed on each of their ships including all of the S class ship. I walked away in 2012. As a person who loves sailing, Viking hits the nail on the head for me, The comfort and all inclusive details are excellent. You do not have to book a suite on Viking to eat in the Specialty restaurants, just make a reservation and go. Happy cruising.
  5. I sailed with X for many years. Sailed on each S class ship as they presented. Did the Solstice three times. I sailed on the Century when she was new, that gives a point of reference to the extent of my X days. I am a Elite plus with Celebrity. But! I sailed on my first Viking River in 2012. I was hooked. I sailed on Viking Star in 2015. Booked a 2016 sailing onboard. We are sailing in November ,back on the Star. With free Spa ( not all) service, included wine, beer and soft drinks, a coffee maker in suite and free laundry, you can't ask for much more. I walked away from X due to the extensive extra charges and the extreme differences in structure. If I want to sail in the manner of The Queens(Cunard) with steerage and first class having a line drawn between, I would sail on Cunard. I sail to learn see new destinations and to meet people. Celebrity has increased their pricing and decreased their service. The ongoing barrage of selling, selling, selling annoys me. I am now, a true Viking fan. I did enjoy X. I have moved on. Too each his own. Happy cruising.
  6. Ruthieofthesea

    First time Viking Star Veranda or deluxe veranda?

    smithp7, We opted for the DV6, for the simple reason! we love coffee as we prepare to start our day. The V1 doesn't have a coffee maker, or robes in the cabin. The V1 verandas are a bit smaller. If you can opt for the upgrade, the Cashmere throw was enough to justify the upgrade for me. We are sailing in November on the Star. Next the Sea and them the Sun. I have fallen completely in love with Viking Ocean. I like Viking River. My heart belongs to Ocean.:hearteyes:
  7. Ruthieofthesea

    Why does Viking hate us? Haven't even started the trip yet.

    Fifty days on your first cruise. You are very brave. Most of the issues you encountered are par for the course. Yes! you have to pay to change, flights and anything else that is preplanned by Viking.. Enjoy the beautiful ship. Have coffee and waffles in Mamsen's and count your blessing as you sail. Enjoy your cruise.;)
  8. Ruthieofthesea

    Viking Sea disappoints long-time ocean cruiser

  9. Ruthieofthesea

    Poll: Instant Message Your Roll Call Friends

    Take lots of money. You pay for everything except food.
  10. Ruthieofthesea

    Poll: Instant Message Your Roll Call Friends

    I would opt out. I can talk on the phone at home. The same reason I don't post all of my voyages. ( who cares) The only thing I want to carry all the time onboard is a Mimosa:rolleyes:
  11. Ruthieofthesea

    Poll: Instant Message Your Roll Call Friends

    I think not ! I sail on small ships with the ability to see anyone you need to contact. Plus! Viking has free Wi-Fi. There are enough charges onboard, another is not needed, as far as I am concerned.;)
  12. Ruthieofthesea

    Viking Sea disappoints long-time ocean cruiser

    We just returned from an amazing cruise on the Viking Star. No matter what the problems were before, we did not encounter any. Our DV on deck seven was warm and welcoming. The staff was helpful and friendly. The food was very good. Service was fast and efficient in each venue. I appreciate the fact that Viking treats everyone the same, no steerage and first class. No special treatment. No high brow and low brows. If you can afford it, do it. If not! no one cares. Do what is right for you. Crystal, Regents, Oceania and Gauguin will treat you better, maybe! Scenic and Vantage seem to be more upscale on the River side. Viking River and Ocean are both my choice. Fault can be found any place if you look hard enough. Find your happy place onboard, and stay there.
  13. Ruthieofthesea

    Viking River Cruise:Buyers Beware

    No matter when a thread dies, it is alive as long as people( you and I ) keep posting. I have sailed river cruises. Viking and Avalon. I am booked on Scenic for 2017. I included Crystal because I know what that are about. They are excellent in every way. Why would they produce a River cruise less excellent than their Ocean cruises. Have a great cruise JVILLEGAL, no matter what ship you sail on. I still say! the best way to avoid problems on vacation is to Read, and research.. That is my personal opinion;) Happy cruising everyone.
  14. Ruthieofthesea

    Live...mostly...from Anthem

    I sailed with RCCL for many years. I left when the Explorer of the seas launched. I have nothing against Royal. I just don't want to sail with five or six thousand people. I moved to Celebrity and stayed with them during the inception of the Solstice class ships. The problem with the RCCL family is the constant increase in cost and decrease in service. I am a Elite Plus with X and a Diamond Plus with Royal. I have abandoned both. We decided if we are going to spend thousands on a cruise Crystal, Seabourn, Viking Ocean and River as well as the newly launched Scenic European lines will get our money. Lets not forget Oceania. Royal has become somewhat indifferent to certain areas such as food, safety and they will nickel and dine you to death. Why pay thousands and continue to pay once on board. There is such a thing as all inclusive cruising. Happy cruising everyone.
  15. Ruthieofthesea

    Viking River Cruise:Buyers Beware

    If you want to get everything promised to you by a river cruise company, book Scenic European or Crystal River cruises, both are new and both are excellent. Oh! you can't book Crystal until 2017 or late 2016. By the way! Viking is not the cheapest. Before you book anything anytime for any vacation, READ, READ AND RESEARCH :rolleyes: Happy Sailing.