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  1. Norris, thank you for the great review. It warmed me up as I am reading from western Wisconsin, that received record breaking snowfall in February and is forecasted to receive an additional 12-15 inches of snow on Saturday.😢
  2. Not sure about how to solve the bathroom issue, however in our travels, we have often found private tours to be less expensive than the ship tours and the ability to customize them is a plus.
  3. Thank you for the posting, Cuba is on my bucket list.
  4. We used Barcelona day tours also. They were excellent. They booked tickets for us for a skip the line guided tour of the interior too. Amazing.
  5. Thanks for all of the info. We have been on several Viking Ocean trips and have been ruined for others. I have been looking at this trip, but have yet to pull the trigger. I wish Viking still allowed full payments 6 months out. I have a friend that does a tour out of Skagway, Tom and Michelle Strand, trail of 98 tour. Check them out for a private tour, I am not employed by them.
  6. What I have heard and read is that TSA and other critical jobs will be required to work but will not receive pay, unless after funding is approved Congress votes to pay them. What a sad state of affairs.
  7. My wife and I were on the verge of booking an Alaska cruise with Azamara for next July, and had contacted our TA to set it up. After reading so many negative comments, we did not book it and went with Viking instead. I am sure the ships are wonderful, but in our mind there is no reason we need to take the risk and put up with poor customer service.
  8. Ethereal are two speciality restaurants, the chef’s table and Manfredi’s. Manfredi’s is the most popular
  9. We just returned for the Viking sky, Amsterdam to Barcelona. Use the app when you get on board to book additional dining requests. No line, menus available to see and very quick. We got all of the additional speciality dining we wanted. "The Restaurant" was excellent also. More variety then Manfredi's.
  10. We were in Rome for a couple of days post cruise last year. We booked a private tour early entry to the Vatican museum, (early bird Vatican &St Peters Basilica Tour) with hotel pick up, through viatour. It was awesome. Second group into the museum, no one there at all. As we got to the Sistine Chapel it was a little more busy, but not bad at all. In the afternoon we booked through the Vatican a tour of the Nectopolis. It was interesting also. I would suspect that the time of year determines how busy it will be also. We were there in October, 2018.
  11. Last year in Rome we had booked an afternoon tour of the coliseum underground. A few days before, I was talking to someone that said the Viking transfer does a drive around the city on the way to the hotel. I talked to someone from Viking ( I don’t remember their position) but they arranged a van to take six of us straight to the hotel. Our tour worked out great. I would not trust that it would always work that way. You might want to contact Viking and ask them ahead of your cruise.
  12. Thanks, Any suggestions for our short stop in Portsmouth?
  13. funny, our cruise is Amsterdam to Catalonia (Amsterdam). Have a great trip.
  14. Yes we are on that cruise. We are in a DV cabin. I'm not sure why your excursions are not showing up. I'm sure they will soon. Because we are not sure of getting the excursions we want on Viking, we set up a private tour for Vigo going to Santiago de Compostela for 89eu eachand in Granada going to Alhambra for for 79eu each. My sister, (paraplugger) her husband, my wife and I already signed up but we need up to 10 people to book it, it is through Spain Day Tours.
  15. In October we will be taking a cruise on Viking that includes a stop in Portsmouth. We arrive at 7:00 and depart at !:00, according to the documentation. In the pre cruise Viking had listed an excursion to Stonehenge. The excursions just came up on My Viking and that is not an option any more. Does anyone know if it is possible with a private tour (name?) to see Stonehenge in the time we will be in port? Thanks in advance, this is an amazing group of travelers willing to share there knowledge and experiences.
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