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  1. Thank you. I imagine it will be even worse with two ships returning that day.[emoji30] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Why on Sundays? We have someone picking us up and would like to give him an approximate time if I could.
  3. It sure caused a lot of panic in my household too, because we have 3 cabins booked. :mad: Fortunately, I made a call to my PCC who investigated and calmed my shattered nerves. Was sure glad when that correction letter arrived.
  4. B4andAFT

    Stores open on Labor Day?

    I have friends who are making their first trip to Bermuda and had planned to spend Monday in St. George. Will anything be open?
  5. B4andAFT

    Breakaway and weather

    We're keeping our fingers crossed on this one. It looks like we will leave Boston in time to miss Hermine here, and we're hoping to get to Bermuda without incident. With hurricanes and tropical storms you never know. My cousin and 3 of her friends from Baltimore will be joining us for their first trip to this beautiful island. I don't want ANYTHING to interfere with their trip. I've packed plenty of Bonine just in case. We hope to be celebrating my 70th in LaCucina tomorrow night.;) My mouth is watering just thinking about it!
  6. B4andAFT

    Hurricane Joaquin

    Thank you. Hopefully all will be well by then. Praying the seas are calmer than they were on the Dream cruise. :D
  7. B4andAFT

    Hurricane Joaquin

    Stay safe my Bermuda friends. We're leaving Friday for our 11th cruise to Bermuda and hope to enjoy your beautiful island once again. We are never at a loss for something new to do. Besides, it's time for my new calendar. Are they still available at the craft market? See you soon. :)
  8. B4andAFT

    Kings Wharf Pier

    Does that little tram visit both piers or just Kings Wharf?
  9. Exactly. We currently have two cruises booked with NCL, but are far enough out to cancel without penalty. We will definitely be looking to try another line again. Sorry NCL.:mad:
  10. I had the same issue when I booked online last night, but when I received my confirmation email everything was fine. Somehow they got it right w/o me calling. ;)
  11. B4andAFT

    Returning GEM Cruisers

    Considering this excursion as well. Did you feel there was ample time to enjoy the Baths?
  12. B4andAFT

    Beverages at meet and greets

    All of the Meet 'n Greets we've attended over the years have always been held in bars or lounges on the ship. You are always able to purchase an alcoholic beverage if you wanted one, but on your dime, not NCL's. The Latitudes parties are different. At those, NCL buys! :D
  13. B4andAFT

    Freestyle Promo vs. Latitude Promo

    My thoughts exactly. If you are a latitudes member, you should always be entitled to the $50 OBC. If you book during another promo all the better. They should be combinable.
  14. B4andAFT

    Pre-pay for soda package?

    Is there any advantage to buying it ahead of time? Embarkation? shortly after ship leaves port? Are the taxes different? Price different? :confused: