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  1. You should check if your travel insurance covers any expenses in case of pandemics. Most normal insurances don`t.
  2. Nobody will be so stupid to burn money. This project would have never been profitable, not pre-covid-19 and for sure not post-covid-19. thats what they meanwhile surely have also realized but so far don`t want to make it official that this project will never happen.
  3. Ok,i didn`t know that Puerto Rico is so directly belonging to the US.
  4. what about San Juan? I do have in mind that some ships do have San Juan as main ebarkation/disembarkation port.It is reachable rather easily by plne from the US-mainland as well.
  5. I also think that the US cruise lines would sail at the max. of the allowed capacity once the whole thing starts again - most likely in florida)
  6. I never said that. I said that they are loosing money because they sail at 30-40% capacity. Even if they are allowed to sail at 60-70% capacity this does not help if there are not enogh bookings ro reach this load factor.
  7. You only have to wear a mask in elevators,in the cabin hallways and near the restaurants when waiting.
  8. They will for sure start with the newer ships. The more people you have on board the smaller the costs per passenger are. The main reason for such big ships is that the more passengers the less are the costs per passenger. So they will start with the newer ships.If they are allowed to have e.g. 50% of max. capacity on board then the costs per passenger on Encore,Joy,Breakaway,etc. are much smaller. Also there are more options to keep the distance between the passengers and more options to earn some extra revenue with all the entertainment options.
  9. Just tell him that the resurrection of the cruise industry would bring thousands of jobs back to florida and so there would be thousands of additional votes for him. then he will sign everything. 😉
  10. Don`t forget that in airplanes everybody has to wear a mask at all times.this is something that no cruise line waants to give as a mandatory restriction cause then nobody would book these cruises. That is the only point i can think of why the one thing is allowed and the other is not. To be honest i don`t understand it as well. Cruising should be possible meanwhile.Just make a negative test within 48 hours before the cruise as mandatory, only 50% capacity on the ships and no individual excoursions during port stops. This system works with TUI cruises and MSC perfectly well so far. And if we europeans can do it, then you US guys should be able to do it as well. Te only question is: would the cruise lines offer cruises knowing that they might loose more money with every further cruise? The cruises offered by TUI and MSC are sailing at 30-40% of capacity,so they are by far not "fully" booked(60-70% are allowed).So they are loosing money with every cruise. Of course it is necessary to bring back the trust in the cruise industry.this is extremely important for the future of the whole industry. But which US-based cruise line would do that ?
  11. There are a lot more industries that did loose a lot more jobs then the cruise industry could loose. 85-95% of the jobs are done by asians on the ships. The no. of jobs on land are only very little compared to some other industries. And these industries are paying regular income taxes. So thats the reason why the cruise industry is very far down on the priority list of the industries the government will take care about. If the case numbers are low enough and the cruise lines do have a convincing concept, the CDC will allow cruises again. The concepts are there, so the question is how low the case numbers have to be until CDC allows cruising again.
  12. TUI cruises and MSC in Europe are operating since some weeks and there is no covid-19 case known so far on any of their cruises. So this clearly indicates that it is possible to safely cruise. Maybe not with all the planned port stops but that should not be a reason to stop cruising in general. cruise lines could go from Miami to their private islands and do one or two more sea days and then back to Miami. Mandatory Covid-test for all guests before boarding and only excoursions offered and controlled by the cruise lines....thats currently the best solution.
  13. Well,in most business concepts a year-long worldwide pandemic is usually not included. 😉
  14. In Germany they tried to get market share by adding Warnemünde as embarkation port on their baltic routes and including drink package,internet and gratuities in the cruise price(without raising the prices before !) After a bit more than 18 months they waived all this again cause there was almost no significant increase in the market share or the bookings of german passengers. So there is a big difference between trying to get more market share and actually getting more market share.You can either spend a lot of money by trying over a long period and with a lot of different measures.Or you can just stick to a concept of which you know it works.
  15. The probplem of NCL and the other US-cruise lines is that their passengers are a large variety of nationalities. The cruise lines that are operating currently are either specified to almost only german passengers or mainly Italian passengers. Yes, MSC accepts other countries as well,but 80% of the current passengers are italian. this means they can focus on one country regarding regulations. On ships of NCL, RCCI and carnival there are up to 30 Nationalities(on european itineraries) In this case they would have way too many regulations they have to keep an eye on. Of course they could transfer the responsibility to the passenger ,so that the passengers have to check whether they are allowed to fly into the port of embarkation. But the chances would still be very high that it will become a PR-fiasco. Also they have to dock at several different countries to be allowed to operate in the EU. This means they have to deal with the authorities of several different countries to get permissions. So yes, there market share in Europe is small(and it doesn`t seem they succeed in increasing it) but this is not the main reason why they don`t offer any cruises in Europe at the moment.
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