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  1. Yes, already been a few times to the med and also twice with NCL. I didn`t dislike anything. The only thing which one should get used to is that there are not that many beaches near the most ports,especially in the western med. There are beaches but not that many and they are also not that nice as in the carribbean. In most of the ports there is so much to see that it might become steressfull for some. A ed cruise should not be done for a relaxing vacation cause there is simly too much to see.
  2. Price and destination ...ship is not completely unimportant but if i like the price and the destination then i don`t care that much about the ship.
  3. Hi to all, i will be in port on November 19th on board the Norwegian Breakaway (as a solo cruiser )and have already checked what there is to see. Turtle center, stingray city and/or dolphin swimming are in almost any top 10 list on the internet for Grand Cayman. But i personally don`t have any interest to see these animals in small basins or together with thousands of other tourists in crowded venues. So, my question is if anybody has recommendations for tours/tour operators that do NOT got to turtle center, stingray city and dolphin swimming. It is very difficult to find tours on the internet which don`t go there. So i would be glad if someone has already done something else on Grand Cayman and can give me some tips. I would prefer a guided tour / tour opeartor rather than doing all on my own. thanks a lot in advance.
  4. As a service provider you do have the option to refer to your terms and conditions which your customer has agreed to or you can try to be flexible and make the customer happy. NCL obviously decided to use the first option. This might save them a lot of dollars right now but it will cost them a lot of potentiol future customers.
  5. I booked my Breakaway November cruise last October.Usually i don`t check the price again after i booked(we in Europe don`t get any OBC,upgrade or whatsoever if the price drops,so no need to check after booking) but during the last two or three "sales" periods i checked it again just for fun and the price was always 300-500 Euros higher than whyt i have paid in October 2019.
  6. Just some minor corrections: 1. They are smaller,but they also have less passengers then the oasis class ships. Oasis = 5484(double) / 6780(max.) AIDANova = 5252(double) /6654(max.) Ratio between gross tonnage and assenger is still better at Oasis class. 2. Especially on their newer bigger ships(Nova,Perla and Prima) they do also have several included dining options with table service. The older smaller ships do only have buffet included(they do have upcharge restaurants as well)
  7. Are we really expecting good pizza on the buffet ?😮 I never had any good pizza on any buffet so far. Not on NCL, not on AIDA and also not on Costa (and they are italian,so they should know !) Never tried any pizza in any non-buffet restaurant on any ship cause there are so many better food options then pizza on a cruise.
  8. Meeting new people is only half the fun if you cannot really communicate with them due to missing language skills. 😉 I was on the epic twice and i would say that the percentage of native english speakers was approx. 80-90 %. Rest of passengers where from a lot different countries but many of them could also speak english very good. @ OP: DOn`t worry, you will have at least 3600 people you can easily talk to. 😉
  9. The engine room itself. We went to the engine control room with a lot of explanations for approx. 15 Minutes and then everybody was allowed to go to the engine room itself for approx. 10-15 seconds. But even with noise-cancelling headsets it was extreme loud.Thats also the reason why everybody was only allowed for such a short time.
  10. On AIDA cruise line i took part of an BTS tour that included the bridge and engine room.It was 2011.They still do it but only very rarely and depending on captains decision,so absolutely unpredictable. But the engine room part was only approx. 10 seconds for everyone cause it was extremely loud and hot.
  11. AIDA does not care how often you have cruised with them before.When you book a cabin category without choosing a specific cabin then you can be very lucky or not. But the number of cruises you made with them in the past is absolutely no criteria.
  12. Usually on embarkation day the "all aboard" time is 90 Minutes prior departure,so in your case it is 8:30. YOu have more than enough time if your flight arrives at 1pm. Reason for the late departure time is that 98 % of the guest are flying in from germany,so the last flights arrive there at 7:30 or 8pm and they also make it in time.
  13. I`ver never waited more than 2-3 Minutes until i got at least the menu to check and i was asked for a drink. Yes,i know that these poor guys are not relaxing. But since most cruise lines are already on the market for a long time they should have enough experience to avoid such things.
  14. OP didn`t specifically mention it,but to me it was ships fault not to serve him. No matter if i am solo or with a group of 2,3 or 6 people.If i am seated and wait for more than 10 Minutes without anyone coming to me and bringing me the menu or asking for my drink order then i would leave as well.(maybe not after 10 minutes,but after 15 or 20,depending on the situation)
  15. Why should the cruise line be held responsible? Do you know whether the cruise guests were informed about the danger or not? Maybe they had to sign some form of waiver? It is way too early to call for consequences or determine the guilty. There will be intense investigations to get answers to all questions and after the investigations have been finished one can talk about the consequences.
  16. YOu really expect a changing buffet for breakfast every day? Or are you only talking about lunch? For lunch i can understand your disapointment. But for breakfast i never had any hotel/ship where the breakfast buffet changed.
  17. You will see the final price once you have chosen the cabin category and marked the "latitudes rewards" box during the booking. SO you will have to go some way through the booking to see the final prices.
  18. First of all thank you for your detailed report. Just sme information regarding the above two points. Crew/passenger ratio: Usually this ratio is worse than on RCCL,NCL or MSC. SO either you got the wrong impression or the ship was by far not sold out. Cause usually AIDA has a rather poor ration. Regarding the Theatrium: This is a signature element of all of their ships since 2007.(only the three small older ship do have a real theater). I personally think this is the worst idea someone ever had when designing a cruise ship. It is way to small for the number of passengers and from many places you just can`t see much of the stage. But as this is one of their signature elements of their ships they will not remove it and will have it on all of their future ships as well.
  19. It`s the airlines duty to bring you to the destination on the ticket but the route they choose is up to them ! Every cruise line can change the itinerary if there are reasons why they have to do it. Thats shown in every contract and everybody shold be aware of. Nothing one should blame the cruise line for. And no cruise line will change an itinary just for fun. If it would be any fuel saving reasons they wouldn`t have made this itinerary, they would have chosen "cheaper" ports from the beginning. So there are always serious reasons for an itinary change. The complete other questions - and i think thats what the OP was more angry about - is, how a cruise line deals with an itinerary change.Even if it is not cruise lines fault they should always give some features to the customers to make them happy. The bigger the ininerary change is the larger the concession should be. And if it is only 100 USD OBC, thats better than nothing.
  20. If it would have been safety issues then NCL would have communicated it that way.Then they could refer to "beyond our control" and wouldn`t have any pressure to make any concessions.
  21. If you don`t like it,just ignore it. If everybody here would open a thread for an itenary he finds useless the board would be flooded.
  22. Are you sure that it is already suitable for cruise ships? I have something in mind that this route is not deep enough at the moment.It would be an idea for the future but currently is not an option.(as per my info)
  23. Ooops,of course you are right.I meant that big canal,but it is of course guidecca canal. But this is still the only option to get to stazione maritima.
  24. As long as there is not enough space for cruise ships on the mainland port side they have to let them pass through canale grande. Cause this is the only way they can reach the curent used port (stazione maritima) That was exactly the reason why the last time the court did declare their ban for void. There must be a way to reach stazione maritima. The landside port facilities can only accomodate one or max. 2 cruise ships as per my info. And building an alternative route or building suitable docking facilities on the land side will take 2-5 years.
  25. Gewrman webpage is having same problem.
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