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  1. I am just off the Carnival Magic after a wonderful cruise. We always try to go to the steakhouse as a special treat and this cruise was no different. Let me just start by saying that overall I had a wonderful dinner there and am happy we went. This post is part question to see if things have changed, part complaint (a little one) and part heads up to future steakhouse diners so you’re not surprised like I was. So, I couldn’t help but notice things were decidedly more casual at the steakhouse, and we were even there on second elegant night. There were no table cloths, other guests were wearing jeans and we were in and out in an hour. And just for reference, we ordered two starters with our meal, so there were that many plates to go through. i guess I’ve always expected the steakhouse to be a experience on par with a Ruth’s Chris and this was more like a really nice Outback. Is this the new normal for the steakhouses on Carnival?
  2. I think we might be on the same cruise - Carnival Magic? Half Moon Cay is great. Take a tender from the ship and big beach is waiting for you. They do a free grill out lunch too in a picnic area. Ive done beach excursions at Amber Cove and I haven’t been too impressed. It’s a long drive down bumpy roads and the beach wasn’t great. I just save my money and hang out at pool.
  3. This is true. We went out for dinner and the restaurant was out of most of the food on their menu.
  4. Ever since they switched up the desserts and now offer the really nice cakes, I’d have to say that.
  5. I’m thinking of taking a taxi to Governors Beach. I feel okay about the getting to the beach part of it, but getting back makes me nervous. Do you make appointment with driver to come get you? Are there cabs just waiting?
  6. I’m going on my first Journeys Cruise at the end of the month. (9 day on the Valor to Panama Canal). I understand that Journeys cruises have special classes and seminars. Just to whet my appetite, what types of special classes can I expect?
  7. Oh trust me, you’d know if they were the new desserts! I was on the Dream in October and they have the new desserts. They’re java cafe quality cakes.
  8. Im sailing on the Valor in 39 days - yay! I was wondering if they have the new dessert selections on the Lido yet?
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