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  1. I have never understood why someone will let what someone else wears to eat dinner affect them so much.
  2. I would think Royal would put another ship in Port Canaveral during that time. But currently no Royal Caribbean ships are sailing out of that port in April 2021.
  3. A pool in the solarium would be a great improvement.
  4. Anyone know why there are no HOTS cruises scheduled after March of 2021? I thought it might be for dry dock but I could not find any mention of that. We are booked on HOTS for the 2/28/2021. We were looking to see if we could change to a cruise on the week of 4/4/21.
  5. Hopefully they will remedy the no pool in salarium situation on next dry dock.
  6. I do not understand why they do not cut off the heat to a couple of the hot tubs in the solarium and use them as little mini adult pools. We were on HOTS this past April. Getting in a hot tub when it is over 90 degrees outside is not my idea of a fun time.
  7. Here is a spread sheet to help you with that. Beverage Program Calculation.xls
  8. Here is a spreadsheet to help you see if it is worth the cost or not. Beverage Program Calculation.xls
  9. I thought the pizza was really good a few weeks ago on HOTS
  10. We had the Deluxe plus voom a few weeks ago on HOTS. Worked great. Even used it with the firestick on the TV to watch some netflix and the Game of Thrones season premiere.
  11. I think someone here on CC said HOTS was due for dry dock in 2021
  12. We did the waivers on the TV in our room. Just took a few minutes. This was on Harmony a few weeks ago.
  13. I was on Harmony a few weeks ago. The lowest the drink package ever went for us was $52. It just bounced between $52 and $56 all the time. I attached a spreadsheet you can use to see it the package it worth it or not. Keep in mind, you also need to consider priced for any non-alcoholic drinks or packages you would get if you do not get the deluxe package. All that should be used in comparing the price of the deluxe. Beverage Program Calculation.xls
  14. Had one on Harmony a few weeks ago.
  15. Worst case scenario is you have to purchase one deluxe beverage package at the ships on board full price.
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