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  1. This was just in the news recently. They brought in a bunch of pharmacists for the princess ship. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article240273221.html
  2. Well, since no one answered it, I’ll report back that yes, you can hear the stardust theater quite well inside the room. And the docking lines. And the room above, which was an equipment storage room for band equipment on this charter. All in all, not my favorite room.
  3. Unfortunately, not much to offer other than our driver pointed out a gold course and said that some people do that on their cruise stop. So it’s done.
  4. Can confirm there can be two ships at the new Coxen Hole pier. We were on the Pearl, docked at 8am. We came back and the Breakaway (I think) was docked next to us. This was this past Monday.
  5. We just got back! The monkey/sloth part was cool, but a bit more like a backyard petting zoo that I pictured. In my head, it would have been a more garden-like atmosphere where you wandered through paths to the animal areas. But all the animals seemed well cared for and we really enjoyed it. Snorkling left right from a dock at the end of the animal experience. It was only about 3 to 5 minutes on the boat before we got to the snorkel area. The reef was definitely alive and full of fish. Some parrot fish and some really cool blue spotted fish. Also, tons of little jellies. That was fascinating! They didn’t sting, just hundred of little translucent blobs we swam through. We we had a group of 7, which was awesome bc we were given our own van driver, Wally. And we were grouped together for the animal experience. Usually it’s just me and my H, so we have to wait for other pairs to fill a van. That said, we had to walk through the streets of Coxen Hole for a few blocks to where his van was parked. But it added to the local flavor 🙂 my friend with us normally doesn’t get off the ship because she likes to have it to herself, so I think it was some culture shock. That was one of the most third world feeling port expieriences as soon as you step out of the gated port. While I don’t think I would wander around by myself, I didn’t feel unsafe. Just lots of barkers.
  6. Anyone been in room 5500 or 5000 on the Pearl? Can you hear the theater in the rock? Going on a music charter with my H, who does not keep music cruise hours.
  7. This is an old thread, but I can report I got the $50 text/talk plan last year for a cruise and I was able to text on the ship and on the shore at ports. Luckily, no emergency that required a phone call. now that we aren’t landlords, I’m doing a cruiseline wifi plan on my next trip.
  8. I’m doing it in 3 weeks. what are your questions and I’ll try to get answers.
  9. But, if I have to go to the gym, I can’t get that first thing in the more, post pee, no clothes weight LOL
  10. Yes, I know there is that option for insurance. I don’t have it. Read the contract 10 times. The only way out is if my oncologist cancels me. Then I can get both fares back. but this may be a moot point. I just heard back from my latest attempt to find someone and she is 90% yes (just has to check with her boss). So if she can jump on, my H will happily cancel. He isn’t so keen on this charter anyway, and was only going bc of the ports. So, I’m going to hold off on doing his checkin until later this week anyway.
  11. My husband is on the fence about our next trip. It’s a full ship charter on the Pearl. I may have a friend who will replace him, but no one is committing to anything right now (which is bugging the crap out of me). Anyway, the charter side is one issue, but I’m curious if I should do the online checkin for him? I’ve done it for me, but if I do it for him, does it make it harder if we change the name next week? The trip is 3 weeks away, and I’m debating how hard I should push for a friend. Most everyone I’ve tried has begged off for adult responsibilities and such. Yes, we have trip insurance. No, it’s not a covered reason. I covered us for every medical thing (bc of my medical history), but not covered for “The GC won’t adjust the construction schedule for a planned vacation.” So it’s a sunk cost if he goes or doesn’t go. Hopefully that will detour the “should have bought trip insurance” lectures.
  12. BTW, I’ll be there three weeks from tomorrow. I will try to remember to report back if I find anything.
  13. I learned that lesson in Aruba, too. Did one of the boat bc I wanted to see the shipwreck. Then several days later we were driving around and said “oh, isn’t that where we snorkeled?” Best snorkeling we had in Aruba was Mangel Halto. And we did that from shore. I’ll be bringing my stuff to shore anyway, so I’ll try some of these spot just for fun. Thanks for the tips, @Pat.D! That reef nooks AMAZING! I’m tempted, but my H already bailed on this trip, so I kinda feel I’ve spent enough and shouldn’t do another $100 excursion. But you’ve almost tempted me.
  14. Now, if only I could get up the nerve for scuba... but I don’t think I’ll find a doctor who will sign off on it, even if I could get over the fear. Something about two lung damaging chemos and a random stroke (with no after effects, that goodness!)
  15. No worries. Not offended at all! I’m just much more sensitive to it these days, more for people much worse off that me. I have a friend who has a BMT at 19, now at 21 she has degenerative something or other in her hip, which needs to be replaced, and she gets all sorts of grief on her college campus. I can’t wait for the cruise! It’s my first non-balcony room. We are balcony sitters. In fact, last cruise I spelt on the balcony several nights (we had a huge aft corner balcony). And I get my results the day before I lave, so it better be a celebratory cruise!
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