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  1. I hope someone will have an answer. I’m curious about this too.
  2. When you did the mock booking did you make sure and choose the flexible fare? I used this promotion to book Alaska for 2021 and final payment isn’t due until March 2021. I just had to make sure and choose flexible fare. The Caribbean cruises also have a promotion called Save on Sunshine and those deposits appear more restrictive.
  3. I was just there last week and commented to my mom that the San Diego airport is the worst I’ve ever been to 🤷‍♀️ It’s definitely subjective.
  4. Thank you! That 7 day on the K looks fantastic. I might book it too ...
  5. Thank you! Yes, the extra 3 days of vacation is quite the limited resource. But, I’m planning this trip for my 25th wedding anniversary and you’ve convinced me it’s worth it. Thank you so much for the positive insight.
  6. Thank you! Yes, it is important to point out I have not been to Hawaii. I appreciate the feedback that every island is worthwhile.
  7. I’m looking at two Hawaii itineraries for 2021. One stops in Nawiliwili and is 18 days. The other does not stop there and is 17 days. Otherwise, the itineraries are identical. So, is it worth it to take the longer trip? I know for most people it’s only 1 additional day but due to when they depart, the 18 day trip would cost me 3 additional vacation days over the 17 day trip. Thanks for for any help.
  8. Yes you can have them mark it as do not upgrade. It’s what I did. Even though I’m in an obstructed balcony, I chose the location to be midship and not above the music area. I don’t want an upgrade that would put me in a louder location.
  9. When I called yesterday I was able to add it to my 2020 cruise at the $35 pp/pd price. I had to call the ships inventory line and not the regular customer service line. She did mention the special event. She said it could be a tour or a talk or whatever the captain wanted. So, who knows what it will be. I also asked about about the upgrade. I’m in an obstructed view verandah. She said they would do an upgrade to a higher level of verandah category IF available. So, I took that to mean if the other categories sell out I’ll probably be out of luck. Who knows. I was was willing to roll the dice and sign up for it. I’ll see how it goes next year.
  10. I have a Koningsdam cruise planned for May of 2020. I called ship inventory department to ask about Club Orange for my cruise. I asked about price and it is now $35 pp/pd. Looks like they realized $50 pp/pd was more than people would spend.
  11. There should be an option that says “Manage Payments” and that’s where you would make the final payment. You have to be logged in and at the screen that shows your bookings.
  12. We just got off the Oosterdam on Sunday. During this cruise we earned 3 star status. We went to the mariner lunch but there was no ceremony that I know of. Our Pins were in our mailbox. Did we miss something?
  13. DocJohnB and Sedband Mom are getting ready for a wonderful 14 day Canada New England cruise aboard the Zaandam. Have a fantastic cruise! Bon Voyage.
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