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  1. The U.S. for these comments, really useful. Out first cruise last year was on oceania and we really enjoyed it. I did feel the motion of the ocean one night after entertainment, really funny all stood at the elevator and swaying, makes me laugh just thinking about it. Seems like there isn't much difference between celeb and princess.
  2. thanks for the comments. How do you feel Princess compare to Celebrity?
  3. Thanks for the comments, really useful. Anyone also been in princess? Any preference?
  4. Thanks Jim, appreciate the comments. The review was one of the last reviews posted
  5. Hi, I am considering a 2 wk med cruise from UK. What do you like and dislike about Princess? What about this ship? The other option is Celebrity Silouhette - thoughts too? Cheers
  6. Hi, I am considering a 2 wk med cruise from UK. I saw a review that this ship is unstable? Don't like the sound of that. What do you like and dislike about Celebrity? What about this ship? The other option is Sapphire Princess - thoughts too? Cheers
  7. Last year went on first cruise with Oceania Riveria. Really enjoyed it. This year will go with in laws. Age range 50 - 75 We need to depart from UK to the Med so came up with these 3 ships. What are your thoughts? Pros and cons? An example is I have just seen a review about one of the ships that is rolled a lot. Can't remember which one.. Anyway, any help will be appreciated. H
  8. This thread suggests the X is a lower cost than O. But I just priced up Edge for 2 weeks in Med in suite = £17600 2 weeks in Riviera is 13k Why is this? H
  9. Hi, what did you do in the end? Please spill the beans.. Mark
  10. Are you sure? I just got back from a cruise that cost £16000 - That would make his tip £1600?
  11. Hi airtana. You mentioned on another thread that your partner was doing a blog in your Riviera trip. Have you got details of this? Mark
  12. Hi. Hope the cruise is going well? Wondered if you managed to get any pics? Mark
  13. Lovely. When and where are you going? Mark
  14. Moonhearts. As you can tell everyone feels for you. I am 49 going on my first O cruise and I am concerned about ages so I can imagine your pain... I have a 17 yr old daughter who would probably be posting your post if she was coming(its our 25th anniversary so she isn't invited:) So here are my positives. 1. Its a free holiday. It will be hot and the soft drinks will probably be free too. 2. Its Greece. Maybe you have seen the Grecians?? That could be a plus? 3. We can learn from everything that happens to us. We can either take all the good points or find all the bad points. It is our choice. 4. Chances are, there will be some other teens who feel they are lost in a sea of grey! You will be their beacon, as they will be yours. 5. A few years ago I joined a property club. I saw a couple who had joined who were much older than me and I had a lot of pre conceived ideas and thoughts. In particular, I didn't think we would have anything in common. Then one night they sat next to me during a meal. Probably the most interesting people I have ever met.. Again, reminded me that life is what WE make it. 6. Well, I don't think I have a 6 but to summarise, this is a GREEK cruise, its free, you will find someone your age and if not, its a FREE GREEK cruise. I know, some of this was tongue in cheek, but, if you don't manage to persuade the oldie to change their plans, just remember my words of wisdom. Dash, what were they? Oh yes! Everything we do, changes us. We choose whether it is for the better or worse. Damn, you are going on a luxury Greek Island cruise, you will LOVE it.. M PS. Let us know how you get on?
  15. Hi Orv, I must admit, before I started to look into cruises, I would have assumed all cruises would have held a formal night. I was really surprised to see that a cruise firm like O, didn't! Is that strange? Because my children are grown up and won't be on this cruise, I looked for cruises with the least amount of children. Oceania therefore came into my sights. I liked everything about it, but though it was really odd that they didn't hold a formal night. I have listened to the owner and his reasons behind it, but I do also wonder whether there would be a group of O clientele who would want to wear black tie for one night? So, like me, who liked everything else, but would just want that one more thing. I wouldn't want to be alone. But what if, there was at least 10 people? We could hire Privee! How do I find those 10 people? There are only 27 people on my roll call so I can't see that working. You know that it is unlikely to tick every single box for something that we want. In this instance, I have one box unticked, but many ticked. I can easily live with that. Whilst typing though, I wonder this - We don't often get the chance to don black ties. Personally, I like doing this, so, do other people not like it? Mark
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