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  1. My Cruise Planner credits appeared on my credit card approximately 2 weeks after the cruise was cancelled. I've been waiting almost one month now for the final credit, which is for gratuities.
  2. I did a Lift & Shift on my June 2021 cruise. I received about half of my Cruise Planner purchase credits on Friday, April 16th.
  3. I booked the same cabana 2 weeks ago on Harmony 2022 for the same price, no tax. I believe there is a glitch in the new Cruise Planner program they have for Symphony. TA is working on getting it figured out. I did a sample purchase on other items and it was also charging a separate tax.
  4. I just booked a Thrill Park Cabana for $699 for my June 2022 cruise. When I checked out, I was shocked to find they are now adding a tax ($83.88) to the purchase. I've never had to pay tax in the past.
  5. Just went on the BOA website. It's always the way it has been on my website. Try to call early in the morning. I did when I had to transfer my rewards and I got a rep right away.
  6. Go to "View My Cruise Points". When it directs you to that page, there is a box on the upper right hand side that says "Redeem my Cruise Points". Click on that box and it will bring you to the different choices in redeeming your points. I called and transferred my OBC rewards from my cancelled June 2021 cruise to my June 2022 cruise. It took 48 hours for it to appear on my RC account.
  7. Actually he is not affiliated with a travel agent, but just reports on everything Royal Caribbean! Look up the name Matt Hochberg and it will direct you to his website. It is a Royal Caribbean Blog.
  8. Sign up to get emails from *****.com. Matt always notifies cruisers of sales before they actually hit the RC website. He always has a wealth of information in regards to Royal Caribbean.
  9. My TA attempted to Lift & Shift our cancelled Symphony cruise to one that was booked for June 2022 on Harmony. They would not do this due to the ship departing out of a different location....Symphony out of Miami and Harmony out of Orlando. I cancelled the Harmony booked for next year and rebooked on Symphony for June 2022. I was able to get the same ship and Suites as I had for this June.
  10. Lift and Shift was discontinued; however, if your cruise is cancelled by RC you are able to Lift and Shift that cruise. You cannot Lift and Shift if it was not cancelled.
  11. I also purchased a Thrill Water Park cabana and purchased entrance to the water park for the extra family members. I have been told it's not a problem. Not all family members will be in the cabana at the same time anyway.
  12. Things are looking up! I received a credit today that was due from the "Kids Sail Free" Promotion. This was done on October 2nd, and was told it would take 30-45 days to receive the credit. It took 9 days!!!!!
  13. Normally 90 days prior to departure. Of course in 2020 nothing is "normal"!
  14. I received the email from Royal and also my TA. Got it for $42/day for my June 2021 Symphony cruise.
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