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  1. I have a few thousand just sitting around...... I wonder if picking up NCL this afternoon or evening as the cancellations roll out would be smart?
  2. Contracts are contracts. People got 100% refunds 2 days after I cancelled and bartered for a 20% penalty instead of 75%. I don't deserve the 100% because it was two days later......... Contracts are contracts. I lost the 20%.. HOWEVER I did get it covered by travel insurance became my husband's employer said he couldn't go.. and employment reasons ARE covered by travel insurance.
  3. I started talking about cancelling on 3/5, but my penalty was going to be so huge, that I started going nuclear with Twitter, Wall Street Journal article, and emailing CEOs.... at this point they got me with a PCC on March 10th who was going to process my refund. He started the process at 4:55pm. But 5:00pm, Peace of Mind started and the system was unable to file anything. No one could do anything until the 13th. The morning of the 13, Mr. Sommer's secretary herself processed my refund at a penalty of only 20%. She backdated the refund to the 10th, but it actually was the 13th.
  4. Sommer is the head of NCL. And no, his private ATT email and GMAIL is useless now because I wasn't the only person to look up the emails. I don't really know what I suggest. I do not think there is any circumventing anything unless you have the money to file a legal action.... but since it took maybe a month and a half, not 90 days, I don't think that the price of the filing fees and headache of creating the pleadings would be worth it. I truly think you're at the mercy of NCL. I do not think there are any strategies beyond blowing money on legal documents that will work.
  5. I was one of the loudest complainers when all of this started. We will NEVER do business with NCL again. I started calling for a refund about 3/5. Eventually, after using some background check software, I got the emails of Harry Sommer and Katty Byrd. I emailed them, told them my story... and by the 8th, they told me to call, asks for a refund from a particular PCC. I called... but as they were processing the refund, it was 4:55pm. By 5pm, Peace of Mind had kicked in and they were not able to give me a Cash Refund. I spent the next 5 days fighting for my cash refund. They dated it as processed 3/10. The two deposits/early payments FINALLY showed up on my checking debit card today. I will be calling my credit card to check on the status of the lump sum final payment as soon as my credit union opens.
  6. BTW if you want to be a human, you should maybe grow a heart.... I would hate to end up so elitist, bitter and resentment-filled.
  7. Judge me all you want. I'm a law student who does consulting contracting work. I graduate next month. My cruise was to celebrate. I work two jobs, full time law school, and I have a 6 year old. My husband is an adjunct professor and a sports statistician in the 7th largest city in the US for high school sports. He lost ALL that money. I lost a good deal of my contracting money. We live paycheck to paycheck and our days are scheduled from 6am til 11pm.. DAILY. Every. Single. Minute. Of.The.Day.Has.Purpose. Judge me all you want for needing this cash. The pandemic hit our pocketbooks to the tune of about 4000 a month. WE had no savings because with all our jobs and law school, we were literally hand to mouth.... All so I can be an advocate and make a difference in the world.. So those of you that are elitist and judging.... Maybe stop. Have some compassion. Or take your anger elsewhere. Now I'm about to go wake up my 6 year old.. after being on the phone with Norwegian, Nationwide insurance, and the SBA this morning to try to scrape together answers so I can get a little bit of stability in my mind....... then I"m about to be a homeschool mom for a bit.. then prepare for finals. STOP JUDGING.
  8. Has anyone that cancelled in the US, before Peace of Mind, that was told verbally 7 to 10 business days, for OVER $5,000 received their refund? and notice I said REFUND, not chargeback. When I post this on the FB group, 10+ people always tell me how they got their chargeback money. I'm inquiring about refund actually processed by NCL that was for a significant amount. I cancelled on March 10th. I was told 7 to 10 business days. IT was NOT under Peace of Mind. I am owed $7000+. I've seen NOTHING.
  9. I cancelled on March 10th a cruise that was supposed to sail May 21st. WE bartered a 20% penalty rather than full penalty. I was told 7 to 10 business days. Still nothing. Still waiting. Should be around $7200.
  10. WE were 6 figures on our taxes last year..... and got ours. It's only a rumor that it's going out by income. It's rolling because big banks like Wells Fargo, Chase, and BOA are holding it a few extra days to squeeze out interest. Smaller banks and credit unions saw it earlier.
  11. Depends on your income. If you make less than $75,000 if single.. $150,000 if married... you will see something.
  12. I'm happy for you, but this also angers me, so much. We cancelled on March 10th, we are due $7500. Nothing.
  13. I cancelled on 3/10 before Peace of Mind went into effect. I took a 20% hit... which I bartered for in an email with Katty Byrd and Harry Sommer.... (I should have waited)......... It still has not hit. It still is pending. Today is 21 business days.
  14. Miniscule.. But how many refunds could move today if he did???? food for thought.
  15. Yeah. Well.. TX has already helped multiple times....... especially San Antonio... And they weren't indignant about it..... and we don't make 1/4th of the cruise money Florida does.... Maybe just humane is humane.
  16. I didn't realize there were already deaths. I just read the Orlando Sentinel article. This is so tragic and heartbreaking. Is anyone live tweeting from the ship or anything?
  17. Some of you just keep trying to find a loophole to argue or be smarter or have a one up on someone................................. I cancelled on 3/10. Not with POM. I was told 7 to 10 business days. Still waiting. I was told maybe a week longer when I called.
  18. Thanks everyone! I used uplift for the last $1000 of ours.. so Uplift will get their $1000.. Then we will get the other 8k... Just waiting.... I'm only on 8 business days now.. so we should be fine.... I appreciate everyone's updates on CASH REFUNDS 🙂 tytyty!!
  19. Perfect. I should be getting mine in the next day or so..... I had a PCC call me personally and say 7 to 10 business days..... so it's been about that, now.... so we just wait. Thank you so much for the answers 🙂
  20. Exactly what I typed... a "CASH REFUND"... Previous to the Peace of Mind...
  21. I had a PCC call me today and say anything "hard cancelled" for cash before the 13th should take 7 to 10 business days...
  22. I was told any of us with hard cancellations before the change on the 13th, would see it in 7 to 10 business days. Anything after that will be subject to the 90 days.
  23. My refund was completely processed on March 11th for 75%. I took the penalty and filed an employee/job/work based insurance claim for the other 25%......
  24. Anyone who asked for a cash refund last week or the week before, have it show up?
  25. Insurance companies are NOT your friend and are not there to help you....................
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