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  1. We went to Barrachina's. http://www.barrachina.com/
  2. I have a photo of Patrick AND his name badge. I will try to find it and post on here.
  3. When we were there last month, we went with Sunny Liston Tours. We were on the Carnival Fascination, and the only ship in port until later that afternoon. We had Sunny himself - his real name is Liston Bradshaw. He is a real character and SO much fun! It was the experience of a lifetime, for us. He took us to downtown Charlotte Amalie where we had a couple of hours to walk around and shop. We went to Gladys Cafe for a wonderful breakfast and Bloody Mary's. I absolutely loved Miss Gladys and all of her servers - they are so warm and friendly. She makes her own hot sauce and sells it, so pick up a bottle or two if you go there and please tell her that Ginger said Hi! Then Sunny picked us up in his brightly colored open air van (with free Wi Fi!) and took us on an amazing ride up to Mountain Top. There we had some time to enjoy the fabulous view, drink some famous Banana Daiquiris and shop for souvenirs. I've read other's reviews who said this was a big tourist trap, but I thought it was delightful and could have easily spent more time there shopping. Then we all got back on the bus and after another stop at Drake's Seat for photos, we had a choice of being dropped off at Magen's Bay, Cokie Beach or Sapphire Beach. We went to Magen's. PURE HEAVEN! After two hours of floating around in the most beautiful clear water and having bikini clad girls bring us drinks from the bar, Sunny was there to take us back to the ship. Now the thing about Sunny: he is loud, he sings, he screams and he has a good time. He will have the whole bus laughing and singing along by the end of the day. Just so you know, if singing and laughing and enjoying life is not your thing, then Sunny's tour might not be for you! WE had a BLAST!!
  4. We were there last month and I can confirm there are showers next to the bathrooms. The bathrooms are new, clean and roomy enough to serve as changing areas.
  5. We were there last month. We booked a tour with Glory Tours. We were the only couple on the tour, so we had the bus and the driver to ourselves. It took a while to get to the St. Lucy Parish area, where the caves are located, but our driver made a few stops to see other things, so I'm not sure how long of a drive it would be to go straight there from the cruise port. We were supposed to eat lunch there, as part of our tour, but the restaurant was closed for renovations. Out guide said that was not unusual for this time of year. He stopped at another restaurant and we had a nice meal outside overlooking a beautiful beach. We did not see the caves, we chose to walk around and take photos of the cliffs, which were magnificent. We only had about 30 minutes in this area. If I were to return to Barbados, I would hire a cab to take me there, and spend several hours.
  6. We were there last Tuesday. I was frustrated by the lack of information I could find on here about this port. We had no excursion planned. We were going to just get off the ship and walk around in town, and maybe sample a local beer. We were immediately approached by an older gentleman named Patrick. He offered to take us on a tour that would include the twin falls and the sulfur lake. For $30 each, he took us and another couple from the ship all over the island. He was interesting and funny. We had several opportunities to stop and take photos and buy local crafts and beers. We enjoyed the falls and the natural beauty of the island. It was one of our favorites days of the cruise!
  7. We were in San Juan yesterday. We disembarked from the Carnival Fascination at 8:30 am and walked out of the terminal with our luggage. We were greeted by a friendly local in a bright blue shirt. "SJ Happy Tours" - there were several tour guides from this company hanging around offering tours. Our guide piled our luggage in the back, and took us on a tour of San Juan, which included a stop at Condado Beach for photos. He dropped us off in Old San Juan, where we had about 3 hours to explore on our own and have lunch. The cost was $30 each. We had a wonderful lunch (Mofongo and Pina Coladas) at Barachina's and walked around old town getting photos. Our driver had folks that needed to be at the airport at different times, and he accommodated everyone. Our flight was at 4:30 and he dropped us off at the airport at 2:30. When we got there, we realized that we had left our camera bag at a Starbuck's! Our driver actually drove back downtown, retrieved our camera bag, and brought it back to us at the airport! We waited by the door for him to return. We checked into security about 3:35 and had plenty of time to make our 4:30 flight! I cannot say enough good things about this company - San Juan Happy Tours!
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