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  1. Why is there a question about leaving your 2yr old home? Doesn't your wife deserve a vacation? If you have great parents or in-laws willing to take the kid for a week do it. It will be a vacation for your kid. Without the kid the drink package makes more sense. You and your wife might not have the opportunity to be "lovers" again until your child is a teenager. RCI has a great child package for those who don't have a chance but you do, Stop and ENJOY yourselves again
  2. The Explorer was one of my favorite ships. We've cruise 46 times and had three sailings on the Explorer We always had a aft balcony and loved the extra large balcony. We always felt that the service and food seemed superior than most other ships. In our minds we believed that this was compensating for the lack of amenities available on the larger vessels. Formal nights no longer exist and I miss them. I had a dream that cruising for the old time experience returned. Sticky enforced formal night dress and all MDR dress codes. Deck chair hogging was not allowed, period. We didn't have slides and no children. The emphasis was on great shows, great food and great service. Too bad they from days gone by and the cruise lines need to be floating resorts to make the money.
  3. I've run over 15 slot pulls and never had an issue with smoking. I've never considered the issue of smoking but will in the future. The most participants we had was 43 and the least was 30. If recall the longest time was about one hour. It is about having fun. And we usually do.
  4. I've run over 20 Slot Pulls. We usually have 20-30 people. We play the dollar machine and the most we ever won was $10 each and the most lost was $7. It is not for the money but the FUN we have cheering and booing our fellow players. The casino host usually supplies prizes.
  5. They usually go to the organizer. He or she do a lot of work and the points are minimal.
  6. They usually go to the organizer. He or she do a lot of work and the points are minimal.
  7. I almost always wear a jacket to dinner. This is my choice. However, you also have the choice. Wear what you like, you are on vacation. Have fun, relax, and don't worry about the "old fogies" we're there to relax and not judge.
  8. Keep the kids in school and let the adults do more drinking
  9. There has been a general decline in "dressing up" for dinner and very few still dress in formal attire on "formal nights". There will always be some who choose to adhere to the dress codes of days gone by. y experience has been European sailings have many more people who "dress up". I for one usually wear a jacket every night for dinner This is my choice but I no longer bring my tux for formal night. Don't judge others just be yourself.
  10. I have read several comments on the advantages of the "KEY". Can someone explain what this is and cost if any apply?
  11. We have enjoyed over forty cruise adventures of which twenty seven have been on RCI. The newer ships offer so much more to today’s younger customers including so much more geared towards the children. At our current age the more serene and classical cruise venue of yesteryear are missed. But, we are still cruising including our next one in January 2020
  12. Personally I prefer to wear a jacket every night. I don't care what others wear. It is their choice. Please don't judge this old guy who likes to wear a jacket (old school). Also, it is usually too cold without the jacket. PS I don't wear a tie.
  13. Scotty, I'm D+ and have never enjoyed the gathering after the muster that you have described. Is this something new?
  14. What a great group of interesting stories. Reading them brought me back to the interesting adventures that we had on RCI ships. We did not start cruising until September 1995. Since then we have enjoyed 49 cruise vacations, a majority of our vacations. 27 of them have been on RCI ships –Adventure; Anthem; Brilliance; Explorer; Freedom; Grandeur; Legend; Serenade; Navigator; Radiance; Sovereign]; Voyager; and Quantum of the Seas. Some have had more exotic ports of call but the one standard that has always held true: RCI has always had great entertainment, good food, and fabulous service. Many things have changed over the years. No longer do we midnight buffets but we now have the flow rider. Even though the themes have changed to address more active activities on board, this old couple still makes cruising their number one choice in vacations and RCI is on the top of our list. We are sailing in January on the Anthem.
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