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  1. Yep, I kind of cried a bit the first time we sailed out of NY. In 2019, we spent the day before our cruise visiting both the Statue and Ellis Island, my husband's first time there, and I hadn't been since 1978 (when you could still climb all the way up). In early 2019, they opened the new museum near the statue. It was fantastic, and I highly recommend a visit. Only down side is we were a little tired by the time we got to Ellis Island and didn't give it the attention it deserves. I tried to visualize my German great-grand parents arriving there with my toddler grandfa
  2. I am awed by sailing by the Statue of Liberty. And once, I woke up just as we were returning and sailed by her - around 3 in the morning.
  3. Here in the Finger Lakes/Rochester region, many businesses have opened up, though of course with many new adjustments. * Restaurants continue to offer a lot of take out, and since the weather is good many offer outdoor seating. Many allow for indoor seating at something like 25% capacity. We are in no hurry for that indoor experience though. * Most stores restrict the number of people in at any time. I only shop at places that mandate masks. For us, Costco, Trader Joe's, and Aldis have been the best. * We have visited quite a few wineries who have had to seriously re-imagine
  4. The whole lot of 'em. From the bands who alternate between Big Band to Country to 70s style, etc ... -- and the dancers and chorus ensembles who do the same. And some of them are doing the pool side music too. I've only seen one performer I didn't think was up to par - too lazy to find my dailies for the name. Played in the Escape's District Brew House. Oh, and, I may have had a crush on the whole ensemble of Choir of Man.
  5. I've only attended two. On the Gem our small group could see the staff and their demonstration. It was right next to the lifeboats. It started on time, didn't take long. Only one person who complained that we were cutting into their drinking time 'cause heaven knows there wouldn't be enough for that over the course of the week. :/ The next one was on the Escape, and our station was in the Atrium. I could not believe how crowded it was, how rude people were, how late it started beyond the supposed start time. I am short and couldn't see a darn thing. In an emerg
  6. So we just booked something for June 2021 and I created my usual spreadsheet where we plan things like dinners, shows, excursions. My husband warned me not to peak too soon. It's like he forgot who he married. :/
  7. Our agent took care of this for us - and in her email subject line was "OK, Norwegian doesn't make this easy..." That might be quite the understatement! She explained in detail how she got to the final number for our new booking and quite honestly it was much better than when I tried to figure it out myself! (and this is why I'm glad to use a TA)
  8. Thank you for this thread! I'm in upstate NY - Rochester/Monroe County. Our medical facilities are holding on, for now. The health systems are really playing well together. We have an excellent county exec and also public health director who are communicating very clearly and concisely what's happening here. Finding our governor's reports helpful too. The grocery stores are open, and many are hosting special hours for seniors. One originally stated "for the elderly" - as a 62 year old, I'm glad they amended their wording to "60+". If I go, my hope would be to get "
  9. Wow! You sure are close to the terminal. I watched this online - as I often watch cruises head out/in.
  10. Henry - Been thinking of you - hope you and your family are doing OK. Were you able to finish your downsizing to a new home? My county (Monroe) is fairly hard hit, but NOTHING like your area.
  11. wow, they sure make this convoluted, don't they?!
  12. We are booked for a late May cruise to Canada/NE which we know won't happen. I looked at the rates for our same category and they are $900 more/pp, though with their sale it's "only" $400ish more! And, we could still book excursions in Canada if desired, or upgrade our room. I can't imagine living in such a vacuum that I would book a cruise to a country whose ports are closed out of a city with such a high rate of infection. Maybe at the end of February when I booked this I should have had better sense that the virus would spread so far.
  13. I am sure our cruise out of NYC on 5.23 will not happen. Certainly not as booked to Canada. Waiting for NCL to cancel it which would be to our financial advantage.
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