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  1. Don't know how reliable this is but RNZ reports Fr. Polynesia has 1330 active COVID cases, 67 hospitalized, 20 ICU, 4610 cases total since start of pandemic. Heartbreaking for these wonderful people. Surprising that they've not buttoned up again. https://www.rnz.co.nz/international/pacific-news/428761/covid-19-claims-two-more-lives-in-french-polynesia
  2. I've got tons of nice places near me too, but I'd still wear a mask with both hands tied behind my back to be cruising on a WS ship right now.
  3. Would be happy just sitting on her in port.
  4. Susiesan, HOW could WS possibly know what will happen to cruises in January when resumption of cruises depends on the FP government and the state of COVID on the islands? COVID is currently ravaging FP- the FP president has it. I was anticipating that any day it could be locked up again. How can WS make plans? Halting sailings for this fall WS was protecting guests wisely. And not being certain of sailings this winter or hereafter is not WS fault. The environment is capricious and under no one's control. Wind Spirit won't sail unless the the winds of fate blow gently, and it's pointless to fuss at WS. Release your frustration for sure, but there's no one to blame.
  5. If you're going Moorea looks like TBK might have the best option for you in Moorea. Don't know your ship's itinerary but if you might be going to Huahine, Marc's Nautique might be an option. It is all day on a motu with boat ride and snorkeling (not what you want) and lunch. It's very reasonable at $100pp. It seems like with all the facilities at their motu they might be willing to leave you there to your own devices until they come back before lunch. You can always ask them if you happen to be visiting there. Where are you stopping besides Bora Bora?
  6. As TBK says WS has both a motu day in Tahaa, as well as a ship's tour in Huahine for a relaxing day on a motu with lunch. But honestly the snorkeling in Tahiti is amazing! If Bora Bora is the only place you will be snorkeling you may be sorry. Did Windstar a year ago and in 18 days we did 16 days of snorkeling- it will most likely be the most incredible snorkeling of your life. The other thing you might consider is a day stay at a resort like Hilton Moorea. Not a motu but a beautiful spot. Lovely beach, pool and superb lunch for about $90pp. Definitely a kick back relaxing day.
  7. Susie.... I know that you're on vacation and please don't feel this necessitates a response. We are online friends even though we're at opposite ends of COVID precautions issues. Your state, MO, is in a lot of trouble with COVID. The article here shows that in Kansas City MO ambulances are being turned away because of the COVID crunch. https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/521440-kansas-city-hospitals-turn-away-ambulances-due-to-covid-19-patient-surge You may be young and your risk factors nominal so that you aren't concerned about contracting COVID. However with this horribly infectious and deadly illness, it is a sign of respect to others to wear a mask. I'm 68 and husband 74- we are healthy but age alone puts us at higher risk. The mask shows that you are concerned about someone's well being outside of your own family's EVEN IF YOU HATE IT. You are as vulnerable as the next guy to COVID especially in MO. You are such a smart woman- you could spend 10 minutes on the Johns Hopkins website and figure out why precautions are necessary. Again, EVEN IF YOU HATE IT and it's uncomfortable, wear the damn mask and don't fuss. Respect is what it's all about. You said that I'd never get on your AA flight to Phoenix as it was so full. You're right. But it would tempt me sorely if the grandkids were at the end of the journey. However their three dads are all MDs and would refuse to even acknowledge me if I took flight at the moment. My sons seem to know some stuff. They aren't panicked fearmongers- they've cared for too many who have lost their lives or a major body function. They agonize over the losses and families left behind. I'll keep sending you as much elastic to make your masks because it makes me happy, but would be happier hearing that you've adjusted to wearing one. I can keep yakking but I know you'll still gripe at me. 😉 So just one more harangue in our never ending go around about this. Hope you're having fun on vacation!
  8. Deb, The picture will have changed by the time we get around to sailing but really curious all the same. Where does one find the list of "approved labs" for Tahiti?
  9. I spoke with my very knowledgeable Oceania travel agent this morning asking about just this. From reading the CC Oceania board I thought mandatory "ships tours only" was a done deal. But my TA said that while this has been proposed by O, they haven't committed to it. So it's just a maybe-maybe-not. Thanks for the info in both posts Barrycat. Agree with you too O2B@Cagain. Some of the changes are going to be with us for a long time if not forever. Seems like masks might be in the "forever" slot. I'm accepting of all cruising changes, but the independent tours. As much as ship's tours are in everyone's best interest, they are my tipping point and I'd do land.
  10. I saw it mentioned here a couple weeks ago that it's possible that WS will no longer permit independent tours based on CDC recommendations. I know other lines have already adopted this, like Oceania. Has anyone heard what WS has planned? Maybe they won't address it until their ships start sailing again? I'd have strong second thoughts about cruising if that's the way it'll be. Nancy
  11. @Mercruiser I'm so sad that you decided against the cruise! Besides being sad that you won't get to enjoy the experience, you have been such a treasure of information with all the research you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You've been amazing sharing info and providing updates. Really appreciate. I like both your plan B and C, and will also look into Pacific Princess for 2/8/22- sounds good. This is for @Dd3thomas too. I wish like heck you didn't cancel and maybe you haven't as yet? There's a poster on the WS board who sails in January and spoke to a WS rep who gave her a great offer. She can switch to any other 2021 cruise for same price and any extra amenities WS had given her. If that interests you please check out the WS board....the poster lists her email. My sailing is 4/29 and that's the date I'd like but could change to whatever....
  12. Thinking this could probably happen in many cities with the demand for PCR testing increasing. A suburb of our humble but lovely Portland Oregon is now offering COVID PCR testing with a 24 hour turnaround time or less for $99. Extra fees if you have no prescription to present or need it on a weekend. It's in Hillsboro about 25 min from the airport. Again I mention to Tahiti bound cruisers not to suggest that you make a stop in Portland.....but if it's happening here it must be coming soon to a theater near you. https://www.molecularvisionlab.com/covid19-testing/
  13. It just plain looks weird.
  14. There is so much being said about the way this pandemic will hopefully wind down. I found this article to be helpful in theoretically planning when I can be around my grandchildren regularly again. It states that if a vaccine is developed in early 2021, not everyone will have received it until November 2021. At that point the virus will have a harder time attaching to hosts in which to replicate, causing fewer and fewer cases not unlike the virus H1N1 that caused the Spanish flu. It's as good as any other scenario out there. But it may not mean social distancing is permanent. The handshake however will probably always be a thing of the past. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/09/25/how-covid-19-pandemic-ends-421122?utm_source=pocket-newtab
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