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  1. Looked at my "usual" fins after I wrote the above and there was a tiny tear starting at the heel. Got on Amazon and bought 2 pair. A rubber pair: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GIOX73S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and some Cressi's: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00T9LQ4CE/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Thought I'd try them both an hopefully choose a winner. The rubber ones seemed pretty nice except I couldn't get over the sensation that the outside/front of my foot was being twisted. The Cressi's are wonderful. They have the little upturn at the heel to make them easy to take on and off and a silicon like material in the footpad which also helps with the easy on/off. They don't have that rigid feeling to them that many of the firmer fins have which should make them comfortable in the water, and not make legs cramp up. They also have something called "Self Adjusting Foot Pocket System" which for me anyway really works. Have a high instep and many fins cut into the front of my foot. They are also very lightweight even though they are 20" long.
  2. Sad but they've all been in on the action, Celebrity, Princess, Royal Caribbean, NCL, HAL- all the behemoths have been visiting Tahiti for years. Even Carnival does a transpacific. Agree that it's heartbreaking that these hulking beasts are allowed in the lagoon of Bora Bora or in many spots in the South Pacific. The first thing I do before booking a cruise in Tahiti is check the port schedule to be sure none of the monsters will be there. It's worse than having three colossi tie up in Santorini. My good wishes to all of you already booked. Tahiti is a miracle of nature.
  3. Have no idea where my head was!! A thousand apologies to the fans of the beloved Paul Gaugain. Don't know why I referred to PG as Marco Polo🙄
  4. I'm probably the oldest one entering an opinion at age 67, but I've been on all the ships discussed here except for Crystal and the Jewel. Yes on Marco Polo x1 , yes on Oceania x3, yes on Pacific Princess x1, and yes on Windstar x2 most recently last December. My personal favorite having done them all is Wind Spirit but If someone is on a budget there is certainly nothing wrong with a smaller ship like Oceania or Princess. Wind Spirit is a mere 5,000 gross tons, PG 22000 gross tons and Oceania and Princess R class ships are 30000. Wind Star will always have my heart but size wise PG and Oceania/Princess aren't really that far off!
  5. Sorry to be a downer but I truly wouldn't go on a big ship. These islands are tiny-tiny and can't handle the masses coming off a behemoth. They're not like the Caribbean where small islands have had years to adjust to tourism. This is like putting the state of California's population inside Rhode Island's. Hot sun, massive congestion, paradise gone awry. You would not see the pristine gorgeous-ness of some of the islands because of the vast influx of humanity. Save your dollars and do something that might cost a little more but where you can enjoy the islands how they were meant to be enjoyed- on a smaller ship. Think Oceania or Pacific Princess (Princess has good prices and 650 passengers!) They can all be had at good prices. I know NCL Jewel probably has great prices but it's at considerable cost to your enjoyment of most ports. Windstar and Crystal also does the So Pacific at a lot more cost, lol! But you can do a 10 day intensive Tahiti on Marco Polo for same cost as you can do Oceania. Save the most beautiful places in the world for the ships that were truly meant to visit them.
  6. Because all I like to do is snorkel and because Bora Bora is a diamond in the crown on the Tahitian islands I'd want to snorkel again. Just use a different provider, Pure Snorkeling and Lagoon Service are both very good but they do much the same thing as Patrick's. For another snorkeling tour but something a little different I'd do Tohora Bora Bora. He takes you a little off the beaten path of most snorkel providers. Lagoon Service takes you to one of the most beautiful motus I've ever seen for lunch. Pure Snorkeling will take you outside the lagoon to see lemon sharks.But as TBK says the island is going to be crushed under the weight of a massive ship population descending on it. You could take in the beautiful views with a 4x4 adventure but your best bet is to book one of the ship's tours so you're priority tendered. Beautiful Matira Beach is a 5 minute bus/taxi ride from the pier but there will be no rides that day, believe me! Too many people and not enough taxis or buses with a huge ship visiting.
  7. I'm a decent swimmer but last December in Tahiti with my short fins I couldn't keep up with a group of three other swimmers following a big manta ray in deep water. The current was not that strong. I think they are fine for simple snorkeling but if you are going to be swimming any distance forget them. Going back to Tahiti this winter and bringing my usual fins- the shorties don't save that much space. I've been snorkeling for many years several times a year and I recommend a full foot fin too. I also got tired of leaky masks and was fitted at a dive shop several years back and no more leaks.
  8. Thanks TBK, When you last posted this I looked and relooked at it. It's spectacular. Helps to have the best videographer with you, and to be an amazing photographer yourself! Be sure to see this video everyone. There are a few different ways to do the Coral Garden drift snorkel....one is with your ship. Another is with Bruno at L' Excursion Bleue. Bruno is a sweet man. We saw sharks and rays in Moorea, BB and Rangiroa, but nothing like what we saw with Bruno! Very isolated spot with the most sharks I've seen anywhere. But about 1/3 the day was spent at a vanilla farm and pearl farm and I could have done without. He also does the drift snorkel but only one run. Your ship is probably the best way to go- ours (Wind Spirit) did 3 runs in Coral Gardens and the more you can do the better. Try to see if you can find out how many runs there are in whatever you book. Very sharp coral though- we had water shoes, gloves, leggings and rash guards for protection. The boat ride to and from the Coral Gardens is also gorgeous. TBK, Where did your kahuna photo go?
  9. As far as things to do on Day 2 in Bora Bora....I'm an avid snorkeler and Bora Bora is a snorkeler's paradise. I'd choose a second day snorkeling, Tohora Bora Bora, https://www.tohoraborabora.com/ Lagoon Service http://lagoonservice.com/ or Pure Snorkeling. http://www.puresnorkeling.com/ Lagoon Service has their own private motu which is likely the most beautiful place I've been. Tohora BB is my favorite just because it is the most challenging and also does whale watching in season. There are island day tours which take advantage of the views of the lagoon, but to me BB is all about being in the water. TBK might be able to advise on BB land tours. I think you might feel rushed doing a tour of Tahiti before the ferry to Moorea- takes 3-4 hours to circle. Get over to Moorea and enjoy that! But if you do it on your return before boarding the ship, Yota Tahiti does island tours at a fair price. https://www.yotatahiti.com/index.php/en/
  10. If anyone is looking for Ato's email..... fakaravaexplorer@hotmail.com Also in Rangiroa, an excellent operator of 2.5 hour excursions to the Aquarium coupled with a drift snorkel of the Tiputa Pass is The Six Passengers. They are primarily a dive outfit but do snorkel tours too. And that's why you'll see few reviews for snorkeling under their reviews on Tripadvisor. $60/pp. Have done it with them twice before and going again next April 🙂 It's wonderful. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g1154800-d1973599-Reviews-The_Six_Passengers-Avatoru_Rangiroa_Tuamotu_Archipelago.html https://www.the6passengers.com/en/
  11. If you do happen to go with Tahiti Wifi their rates for a router right now are even better than what we got. - 3.90EU/day gets 250mb/day in high speed then lower speed 2G, 12h battery life - 7.90EU/day gets 500 Mb/day in high speed then lower speed 2G, 12h battery life - 10.90EU/day gets 1Gb/day in high speed then lower speed 2G, 18h battery life plus a SIM card (only local calls) The first would probably suit your needs fine if it works price wise. So cheap makes me want to do Wind Spirit again.
  12. Another alternative is Tahiti Wifi....also works on all the islands except the Tuamotus. https://www.tahitiwifi.com/polynesia.html You pick up a router right at the Faaa airport and drop off at same on your way home. Open 5am-12am. (stayed late for us as our flight was late) Can't tell you what it would run for your 10 days but we got 21 day deal for $160.
  13. Fedex- Six Passengers does BOTH, the Aquarium and the drift snorkel in the 2.5 hours. Very nice people and wonderful guides, so you get much more at a better price. Six Passengers would have you leaving at 1pm and back at 3:30pm. You're never not in site of the ship on both parts of the tour so not far from the ship at all. If you are more comfortable in going with the ship better to do that, but if you want a little extra fun and a little extra time try The Six Passengers tour.
  14. One last suggestion? In Rangiroa you can do the Aquarium AND drift snorkel Tiputa Pass with The Six Passengers. They are primarily a dive shop that also does snorkel tours. Drift snorkeling there is a blast but you should have moderate snorkeling experience and be a decent swimmer. Whether or not the drift snorkel piece operates is dependent on the tides. The cost is 6000XPF or approximately $60. and runs 2 1/2 hours. https://www.the6passengers.com/en/
  15. Petoonya


    They returned my old red shoes from a cruise last winter too! I consider anything left behind on a different cruise line just gone. Windstar is 180* from ordinary 🙂
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