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  1. I always use my TA for the services she offers. She has connections with O and other cruise lines that I don't have access to. If I want to purchase an upgrade shortly before sailing, she always seems to get a price I can live with or something out of this world terrific. But especially now with all the cancellations she's able to get my refund much faster and more smoothly than I could probably manage myself- again because of her long relationship with O and the amount of business she brings them. The perks she offers are another attractive feature of using a TA. Good luck to you.
  2. I am SO sorry. What an awful way to discover your father has passed. Wishing you strength as you wade through all of this. Take good care of yourself.
  3. There are posters that I love to read for their thoughtful, friendly, educational comments. We differ politically but I always enjoy your wit and point of view. And agree with Lynn, the ignore feature makes participating on this board very pleasant.
  4. My heart aches for your wife. I'll bet she is wonderful company, bright cheerful, interesting, positive thinking. If I were her and I knew that you said this on social media, next cruise I'd either cruise solo, or find a fun companion to cruise with.
  5. @cruisemom42 Pardon me.....didn't know you'd already cruised Oceania, and what a joy to cruise with Pam as well! You know well what a warm social environment an O cruise has going for it. Yeah, this board has more sharp retorts than pre-COVID, but still some wonderfully helpful folks who truly care about other's experience. I've been known to react to what I perceive as criticism or harshness of responses. And sometimes wish I could retract some posts five minutes after I've written. Learning to ignore stuff is a path to inner peace or so I've heard. I need to heed that bit of wisd
  6. @milepigI was envisioning the "bubble" we'd be in as more the staff monitoring our masking and social distancing, disinfecting seats & handrails in buses etc. Not keeping us prisoners in buses at all. I figure we'll be able to "mingle" but the same way we would mingle at a grocery store today- carefully and with lots of gentle reminders from staff. All efforts to mitigate the risk to locals and ourselves.
  7. Usually under flight details you can see a flight's on-time performance. Sometimes it's listed per se, like on UA, or sometimes you have to hover over the flight number to find it. But unfortunately since no one has been flying to PPT recently, on-time performance isn't relayed. Hopefully by mid-summer it should be available again. I've flown ATN now eight times and it's never been late- early yes 🙂
  8. @LewiLewi Agree with 6rugrats. Have a relation who received doses in January and early February, and still was positive for COVID three weeks ago. Wife and adult live-in daughter were also vaccinated and tested negative.
  9. This is all dependent on whether or not there are enough cabins available in the last 2 weeks or thereabout on you cruise. About 2-3 weeks prior to your cruise let your TA know that you're interested in an upgrade. He she will ask where you'd like to end up and what you are willing to pay for it. The upgrades themselves are limited as to time, as it's first come, first served. I often give my TA my top price and permission to charge my card if I can't be reached. Often I've settled on upgrades before, only to be offered a second upgrade go around later. You should also know that you may
  10. Please don't give up on Oceania! Friendly, mellow folks. There might be disagreement but I've never known it not to be thoughtful, respectful and usually humorous. Can't say enough about the comfortable social experience. Very best to you 🙂
  11. Greg- Have you ever used Fare Suisse as a place to overnight? Great little B&B, nothing fancy but clean and comfy. They'll pick you up at the airport anytime and drop you off at the ship next day. $100/nite per room. Could make taking the ATN flight ultimately less expensive and allow you to feel refreshed the day you board.
  12. TBK- was that for the July trip? Good deal.
  13. @Comex if the excursion mandate was removed we'd join the waitlist for 2x the Tahiti Aug 1. But if wishes were horses.....
  14. Fingers crossed for French Polynesians, and for anyone hoping to pack a mask, fins and snorkel this summer. Press release | Press / Trade Release - April 7 / April 7th Reopening of borders and Safe Travels View this message correctly
  15. Press release | Press / Trade Release - April 7 / April 7th Reopening of borders and Safe Travels View this message correctly Reopening of borders on May 1, 2021
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