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  1. We were supposed to be leaving on Thursday for a 4 night cruise. We were leaving our toddler at home with in laws. We postponed until May. We aren’t afraid of the virus or getting the virus. We were concerned of an over concerned government quarantining our boat on its return and delaying our getting home. So we punted until May when hopefully the world will have returned to its senses.
  2. I think I will talk her into butter for the sake of the experience. She’s making a choice in how she lives her life. She takes some supplements to help with B12 and iron. I love and support who she is and who she chooses to be always. She doesn’t care that I will be eating a juicy delicious steak across the table from her.
  3. My wife and I have been on 10ish Carnival cruises and have eaten in the Steakhouse on nearly every cruise. In the last year, my wife has adopted a vegan lifestyle. It works for her. Anyone ever navigated going to the steakhouse with a vegan. On menu there doesn’t seem to be a ton of options.
  4. I’ve been trying all day. We are going to cancel and rebook for May and it has to be done by today.
  5. I got the letter, but it didn’t include the link attached.
  6. On the line of a future cruise rebooting number. how do you have that? and thank you very very much.
  7. Our cruise leaves on Friday. We were going to go until the State Department said yesterday to not go. I’ve been on hold for 90 minutes now. It said at the beginning of the message that we could cancel online via my cruise manager, but I can’t find it anywhere. Does anyone know where to locate it? thanks
  8. I have 500 dollars of OBC from a Casino offer. Can I use this credit for gratuities? Im sure I can use it for Bubbles, but do I need to wait until we are on the boat to purchase for the OBC to cover it?
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