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  1. If you read the many threads about Phil Lafayette, you will learn about all the wonderful qualities about Phil- his comprehensive and exciting tour, his thorough knowledge of Jamaica and its people, and, of course, his pleasant personality and infectious smile. But I would like to relate to you an experience that exemplifies another quality about Phil that I believe is truly unique. We sailed to Jamaica onboard the Navigator of the Sea in early August. We took a tour with Phil (after reading all the recommendations here). While we were river tubing, I flipped and lost my perscription sunglasses while in the water. When we finished the tubing trip and boarded Phil's bus, I told him what happened. While he immediately called the river tubing personel and asked them to dive and look for my glasses, I held no expectations of seeing them again. As we approached our ship having just finished the complete tour, Phil got a call from the tubing area that one of the divers found my sunglasses. With a hearty "No problem" Phil dropped us off at the shopping area near our ship, drove 20 minutes to the tubing area and 20 minutes back, and sought me out to return my glasses just in enough time to reboard our ship! Of course, I am extremely grateful to the river tubing personel for what they did. And, for Phil to drive a great distance at Jamaican lightning speed just to retrieve a pair of glasses for one customer says alot about his character, honesty, integrity and great desire to keep his customers satisfied- even if it means going the extra mile!