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  1. Hoping this won’t be something on needs to be on Facebook to do. Not everyone is on it. More details should be forthcoming, we hope
  2. OK! I was right in the first place. The OP wasn’t walking about the unlimited option, that was someone else!
  3. Sorry ... missed that .... standing corrected
  4. The OP — Steven Mar — never said “unlimited”
  5. Not the assistant waiter? Not the headwaiter? Do you slip it into your palm and shake hands? Do you do this daily or At the end of the cruise?
  6. The difference in Internet should be noted. On Royal Caribbean you must use your Internet benefit all in one 24 hour period. And Celebrity you may log in and out and spread the Internet minutes over your entire cruise
  7. They work for their salary and their portion of the tip pool, so if you remove the tips, you are stiffing them
  8. Are you sailing on Royal Caribbean? This is the celebrity Board
  9. We find that putting the word “elite” on our name so that it shows Up on caller ID systems gets us much quicker service as we wait in the call queue when contacting Celebrity. Then we must change it to “diamond” when calling Royal Caribbean. It’s a lot of work to constantly change our name so that our status is instantly revealed, but so worth it. sarcasm mode off
  10. We don’t know the OP’s mobility abilities, but it may not be a trivial problem to him or her
  11. The Boston repositioning cruise is not identical in that it ends in San Juan, but there is a repositioning cruise a year after the OP’s original cruise. I agree that a Fort Lauderdale round trip is not equivalent to a repositioning
  12. The Captains currently on board any ship are stuck in a holding pattern As the ships wait for re-opening. There is no way to tell what will happen next as far as personnel goes. They may all be due for some long vacations
  13. As of today, the Celebrity website list of cancelled cruise does NOT include Equinox 3/11/2020
  14. If you are in the US, you disembark without your luggage, show your passport and come right back on (unless you want to go into town).. if you are not in the US, normally you don’t disembark.
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