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  1. Are all of you in suites? No need to worry about linking your dinner reservations. If you aren’t all in suites, it will cost quite a bit to have them dine with you in Luminae, but the Retreat Concierge can arrange that for you on board. did you all use the same TA? Do the other reservations also have errors?
  2. The vaccinated husband should prepare for wearing a mask even though it isn’t required. Take for example going to the theater. There will be an area set aside for unvaccinated passengers, all who must be wearing a mask. Assuming that the husband and wife want to sit together, and he goes to that area, he will surely be asked to comply with the mask rule. Then having to explain the situation just adds to the hassle. Much easier to wear one and fit in with the others in that designated area. If they wish to do a shore excursion together, the same thing would happen. She would be re
  3. Stuff happens. Mistakes get made. It’s how you react and behave from then on that is the key. Her behavior was atrocious. The crew do not deserve to be treated that way. And she deserved to be Kicked off the ship. Has she not ranted and raved, and been filmed doing so, we would have nothing to comment on here. We might even feel sympathetic toward her. But when she began screaming and cursing, she lost all credibility.
  4. At some point it no longer matters if she tested positive for the virus or if she had had Covid or was full of antibodies. She was violating the passenger code of conduct, with abusive language toward staff and uncooperative behavior. Regardless of her health issues or lack of, she deserved being removed from the ship.
  5. Plenty of time to get vaccinated and avoid all the hassle
  6. Don’t mix up Royal (coupons good all day) and Celebrity (Captain’s Club happy Hour 5-7)
  7. Elite level is not “basically worthless” if you are sailing without AlwaysIncluded, as on last minute bookings, or BlueChipClub bookings, or many special rates
  8. Maybe ask closer to your cruise. Any information now has the potential to be seriously out of date a year from now
  9. There aren’t that many bars on e class ships, not like s class ships
  10. Be sure to confirm on your booking that you have a drinks package included since there are some kinds of bookings that do not
  11. Our one and only cruise out of the Houston cruise port and down the ship channel was is it among the worst ever. Adding insult to injury, whilst we were in the channel where we could only order alcohol that had been made in Texas, the casino has to remain closed. I believe that there have been no Cruises from there for five or six years due to the unpopularity of this cruise port
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