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  1. Everything that makes the site easier to navigate is much appreciated
  2. As i remember, there aren’t any canapes on embarkation day.
  3. I can’t figure out why the OP would think that there should be any sort of compensation. Compensation for what? It’s a free program. You don’t pay to join. You weren’t cheated out of anything. No one was injured, no one was hurt, no one missed out on something they were supposed to receive. The rules of the program were clear and the OP said that they understood the rules. So compensation for what????? what am I missing?
  4. Was your friend on a Celebrity cruises? We have never known Celebrity to staff dentists on their ships
  5. recent experience? Any experience would be from at least nine months ago, wouldn’t it?
  6. It is not. The Luggage Valet is offered in Seattle, Fort Laud and Miami only
  7. I thought they had reinstated them, but this is sad news if they have changed their minds again
  8. Watch the Celebrity home page for updates
  9. Michael’s Club is for suite and zenith passengers
  10. The price you are seeing may be “for new bookings only” and Different countries have different rules regarding cancelling and rebooking, so stay aware of that as you read advice given on Cruise Critic
  11. Bo, have you been to Aukland? Have you tried this? Does any travel insurance cover scenarios where a person has checked in and then leaves the ship but doesn’t return in time?
  12. They will arrive right after the water is restored to Aqua Class stateroooms and the nnew level of Captain’s Club is in poace🤪. Their promises aren’t worth much sometimes.....
  13. Revarding the ship, sometimes they check your incoming packages and sometimes they don’t. Having or not having the drink package is not a factor. regarding US Customs, if you declare it on your entry forms they may or may not choose to impose duty. For one bottle it isn’t likely you will be assessed any duty. If they pull you out of line because of your declaration, they may ask to see the receipts.
  14. Agreed that it can be enjoyed by adults, the mistake was in calling it a “family movie” at that time of night
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