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  1. It appears that the OP has not been keeping up on the news. The CDC is limiting the length of Cruises. I am pretty sure that Celebrity would not like to be going through all the hassle that it will take to cancel and rebook all the people who had longer Cruises scheduled unless it was required of them.
  2. They also were the ones you consulted to explain the program, or to straighten out lost points if your account was in error. The line at their desk was often long, showing how much they were needed. and has there been any indication that Officers will no longer host tables? That might be on hold for a while, but won’t disappear forever, we reckon
  3. How can a person violate the guest contact policy when not on a cruise?
  4. Free scoop of gelato is still there....it starts at Select and is therefore included at the higher levels
  5. Looks like zeniths just got kicked out of the retreat........
  6. Has anyone heard anything? No speculation please, just looking for up-to-date information, if there is any out there. TIA
  7. Wanting all-inclusive is one thing but I am certain that no single person wants to pay for two beverage packages when sailing alone
  8. So does that mean that the ships would deadhead to Erope?
  9. Hoping this won’t be something on needs to be on Facebook to do. Not everyone is on it. More details should be forthcoming, we hope
  10. OK! I was right in the first place. The OP wasn’t walking about the unlimited option, that was someone else!
  11. Sorry ... missed that .... standing corrected
  12. The OP — Steven Mar — never said “unlimited”
  13. Not the assistant waiter? Not the headwaiter? Do you slip it into your palm and shake hands? Do you do this daily or At the end of the cruise?
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