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  1. We are interested in the following season, equivalent to what has been announced for edge that opens for mid-October booking
  2. New Edge itineraries will open for booking soon. What about Eclipse? Will she also have new itineraries for that same time period?
  3. After a long, long flight, no embarkation port is “easy”. Navigating the adventure of acquiring foreign currency, purchasing tickets on public transportation, figuring out all the details while jet lagged, none of that is easy. You can make even the most difficult embarkation port easier by pre-booking private car transportation from the airport to hotel (you are coming in a day early, I presume, as planning on arriving from overseas on the day the cruise starts is asking for trouble, in my opinion). Yes, it is more costly than taking a Metro, or a tram, or a city bus, or the Heathrow Express. But if easy is your goal, that is the way to go.
  4. What is meant by “ease of embarkation for Ireland”? That is the part I don’t understand.
  5. Which islands? It’s hard to give accurate answers without knowing which you are interested in.
  6. Celebrity will be cheaper then some and more expensive than others. Some lines’ base price includes excursions. Which lines are you comparing Celebrity to?
  7. I truly am confused by the OP’s post. Is the question related to being an Irish citizen and the ease of cruising from these ports?
  8. So you exchanged your OPC for chips and now you want to reverse the process and exchange the chips back for OBC? I don’t think you can do that. (Although to be honest I never knew anyone who tried to do that.)
  9. Yes, you can use OBC for airport transfer. taxis dont accept OBC. since the intent is to use OBC, book the tranfers on noard
  10. To put this in perspective, look at how different things were eight months ago. Eight months from now, it could all look very different again.
  11. It says all bookings through March 31, 2022
  12. I want to say this. No one, as far as I know, ever called Reflection a “billion dollar blunder” but that phrase has been used to describe the e-class ships
  13. The dinner menus hardly ever get modified, no matter where in the world the ship is.
  14. No Cruise Critic connections party on Millennium last week. There was glacier viewing on the helipad one morning, open to all, and an invitation-only helipad sailaway when leaving Ketchikan. The Roll Call was very small so I doubt if there was any sailaway get together when leaving Seattle on embark day.
  15. Correct. If Celebrity had removed the items they would not have delivered the suitcase.
  16. I would not count on them granting access to Retreat. After all, Zeniths can’t go there any more, ostensibly due to concerns of “overcrowding”
  17. The vaccine card isn’t the issue. The issue is that the passport is not valid with the incorrect date on it. The fact that the OP has used it for travel in the past shows only that luck was on their side that time. It might not be in the future. Get the passport fixed.
  18. You can play your on board credit and keep whatever you win. say you have $10;obc. You go to a $1 machine and play one spin. You win $20. You can hit “cash out” and get the $20 ticket. You still have $9 in OBC to play. You spin again, and win $2. Cash out again. You still have $8 in OBC. You get 8 more spins. Etc. etc. you may not get another win, but you have cashed out whatever you won. you cant just hit cash out and get your $10 OBC. It must be played.
  19. Millenium is still punching lanyard holes. Maybe it’s a ship by ship thing.
  20. Some places call it a Kansas City strip steak, which is a diffeeent cut than a sirloin. But fstuff1, it is only a chopped steak in your imagination 😁
  21. And for those couples who share one email account that won’t work. Take a minute and open a Google account so you have two separate email addresses
  22. Remember that The crew doesn’t want to touch anything unnecessarily.
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