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  1. Any comments from anyone on the Dubai cruise? Does anyone know also when the formal night is? Is it the at sea day??? would be fab if it is as we want to go for mums 60th and that will be the at sea day....would be lovely if it was formal night too :D
  2. of course - we did the itinerary covering st martin, st lucia, antigua, barbados and san juan. The weather was hot but it did rain a lot, although it was sudden showers that would stop after 10/15 mins - this was probably a one off though as we did the southern itinerary a couple of years ago the exact same week and it was perfect with no rain at all. I wouldnt hesitate to go again in dec though x
  3. Does anyone know when these will be released for early 2012 or is the Brilliance not staying there?
  4. wow these were superb - I almost wish I had booked AOS again though as I know may way around her with my eyes shut LOL
  5. Can anyone point me in the direction of some fab pics of the ship online? not the official ones though x
  6. I know its no consellation but I would much rather be stuck at home not being able to go on holiday than being stuck abroad not being able to get home - we experienced this year when the snow hit the UK and we were in Poland...it took an extra week before we could get on the next available flight and it was chaos and cost a fortune in the extra hotel costs, food, unpaid leave from work etc....would never want to go through that again :( Good luck to those trying to get home and those trying to go away.
  7. wow I never thought it would be on the net - thanks x
  8. Does anyone here know the ingredients of a Miami Vice or a Labadoozie by any chance?
  9. so RCI dont charge any admin fees but the TA might? Dont they go by the RCI booking conditions though?
  10. It looks like my job is under threat again and need to know my options for our Oct cruise - I know its a while away but I have 3 other holidays inbetween to contend with as well and this is the most expensive. We have obvioously paid a £200 deposit - is there any possibility of us changing the cruise to a later date (possibly even 2011) so that we dont lose our deposit?
  11. Any of the jeep safari's LOL we did it in Antigua, Barbados and St Lucia - St Lucia was by far the best though but I missed out on the beach there. At St Croix we went to Cane Bay Beach and in my opinion it was a real waste of money as the beach was right on the main road and awful - everyone on the trip was real disappointed with that one.
  12. permission to also show off formal night piccies - we loved the backdrop :D
  13. if he is he better darn well stay there until Oct 2010 :D
  14. Just wanted to let everyone know that AOS is still an incredible ship and we couldnt fault her at all 3 years on - still as friendly and not showing any real signs of wear at all. This time we were in cabin 9690 (corner AFT) and WOW what a cabin, would chose this again at a shot although it was rough a few nights and you certainly notice it a lot more at the back. We personally didnt think much to St Lucia, Barbados, St Croix and Antigua and found the former a very poor island which we were shocked at (the jeep safari's sure show you the real island rather than just the tourist areas). St Martin is a fav and we still love it there and cant wait to go back again next year - relaxing on the public beach was great! We found the cruise a lot quieter and also noticed there was a lot less Puerto Ricans than the first time but everyone was friendly and having a good time. The entertainment was good but we were disappointed that the ice show was the same and that they dont even change the menu's in the dining room - although you certainly remember the meals you enjoyed before LOL Sadly we missed our meet and mingle as I didnt make a note of the date and time and we never received an invitation :-( Would return back to Adventure any day and it does make me wonder now whether Oasis will be too big for us! On a sore note though we would never fly American Airlines again as we found the service and friendliness sub zero - not a patch on British Airways. Piccies will be updated in my signature shortly and any questions do ask x
  15. Any smokers back recently that can confirm the cost of ciggies onboard?
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