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  1. Get a balcony if not too late, you know why mr
  2. oakleys

    Cigarette Prices On Board

    Not as much as you're oxygen tanks in the future.
  3. oakleys


    Ok if you are in good shape. Otherwise don't bother just looks bad. 10% body fat or less.
  4. oakleys

    Hurricane irma....ugh

    If no flights, will Carnival refund you for the cruise?
  5. oakleys

    Hurricane irma....ugh

  6. Kind of rude to drop people off with no flights or hope of leaving now
  7. The Miami building looks mostly made of glass, can't see it holding up too well. Unless they have a massive shutter set up.
  8. oakleys

    Hurricane irma....ugh

    This storm is huge. I can't see cruises leaving on 12th Also do they expect employees to sit in Miami. They have there own issues to deal with & are probably going way north.
  9. oakleys

    Hurricane irma....ugh

    What's the point of lets do a 3 day cruise. They should just cancel the whole thing & avoid people flying in etc.
  10. oakleys

    Hurricane irma....ugh

    Not everybody lives close enough to drive. Some even come from Europe, west coast, Canada etc
  11. oakleys

    Tipping Onboard and What it Really Means

    The ones who pull tips, are the ones who can't afford to cruise in the first place!!! Duh.
  12. oakleys

    What's so great about Guys?

    Can't see what all the fuss is about really, just reg burgers. Not in & out that's for sure.
  13. oakleys

    Canada's Thanksgiving

    Oct 10 most things will be closed. Tourist type stores may be open I guess if a cruise is coming in.
  14. oakleys

    12 pack of Carnival water

    Just fill a large bottle at the water stations. Ships water is fine & free.