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  1. From my understanding is that there is no other perks with a Mini Suite. I have heard that the cabin is barely bigger but you have a little bit bigger bathroom with a better shower. We got our mini suite on our next cruise for free because our cruise went down so much in price. I honestly wouldn't pay for it though.
  2. I will be on the same cruise and I have a 15 yr old boy that will be with me. I am a little nervous about the crowds but we are expecting this so hopefully it wont feel as bad 🙂 And it's a cruise so either why it will be a blast! Do you belong to the FB group for this particular group? The reason I ask is some of the teens have joined a snap chat group to get to know each other for the cruise. There is a lady on their that has been adding the teens.
  3. "Manhattan room was strictly enforcing the dress code. We walked up just to see if they'd stop us, and they did. I was wearing khaki shorts and a polo shirt, and had to go back to the room to put on pants. What's weird is that my wife was wearing a Harry Potter t-shirt and jean shorts, and they told her that she was fine. (She changed, too.)" Do you know the dress code for the Manhattan room?
  4. We had the same experience on the Magic too! I finally went to guest services and got it refunded.
  5. I just got off the phone with NCL about adding my daughters BF and the rep told me that you can take people out of the cabins for no fee before the final payment is due.
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