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  1. You like using that term. I suppose you’re not religious. I think some might take offense to this terminology. M8
  2. Should be easy to figure out. Can’t go into any further details especially on the thread. Sorry M8
  3. Yea. I don’t know where at that comes from. The ones I know are much younger than me.
  4. She was asked a question something to the effect were two masks necessary. She suggested everyone should wear two masks. I assume everyone includes those vaccinated.
  5. Why not two that have been suggested?
  6. Anything that has SL on the door is a plus. 😇
  7. I’m going by the words of our President. He said he was hopeful a small group of family to could meet outdoors on 4th of July for a BBQ. Did I quote him wrong? It was either Thursday or Friday that the Director of the CDC was asked about masks. She recommended/suggested two masks. M8
  8. I don’t believe the current administration has any intention of removing the State of Emergency anytime soon. M8
  9. I’m on the fence. It was by vote of those in Monroe County and Key West. However, what’s to stop them from voting to restrict Key West or Monroe County to residents only? There are many Conchs who would just assume have the Keys to themselves. I see it here in Daytona. The people (demographics) have changed. The current Mayor and people of Daytona would like nothing better than to rid themselves of many of the events that have been happening here for years. Speed Weeks, Bikeweek, Spring Break, Truck Fest, Jeep Fest, and so on. The locals no longer want them here. The businesses here want these events but not the majority of voters. M8
  10. Who would hire the one in today’s Me Too and Cancel Culture. It would be suicide.
  11. All that has changed with Operation Warp Speed and the vaccines. M8
  12. CDC is not going to relent. Florida Governor already makes them look bad and they will not give in. M8
  13. I think I’ve asked this but went unanswered. How many masks do you and Ace wear? I should do a poll. 😇 M8
  14. One working and one unemployed and disgraced. 😇
  15. Just no way. Surprised the reruns haven’t gone the way of Gone With The Wind and Aunt Jemima Syrup. It’s crazy. M8
  16. I’m behind this but not trying to be negative but the CDC is not going to change the CSO. If they did, it would be a negative on the new administration. It’s all about control. M8
  17. I thought it was great and funny and find it wonderful the UK seems to be more tolerant on social media with the current situation in the Royal Family. So much of what we now post in US is “Fact Checked” and doesn’t meet community standards and deleted. M8
  18. It’s nice you Brits can openly joke about that situation but here in the US it would be cancelled. Something like this likely not to “meet community standards “ on most other social media platforms. I must say I love it. Thanks M8
  19. It’s different, that’s for sure. Certain meats are really good SousVide. It’s great for lamb racks, leg, and pork tenderloin. Ribs were good but I prefer the 3-2-1 on the BGE low an slow. M8
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