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  1. Not for general good hygiene but for spreading the virus, Nope.
  2. But was he wearing his mask? 😂😂😂
  3. @xpcdoojk @John&LaLa Ok. SousVide ribs done and ate. Verdict. They were nice and tender. Making homemade BBQ sauce was a PIA. Actually good. The boss didn’t complain but just didn’t WOW us. I’m sorry, just can’t beat a good Southern Low and Slow cook. It was worth trying them once. Thanks JC for the inspiration. Just not a fan of cooking with sauce on my meat. 🤔😁 M8
  4. If Texas turns or Filibuster is killed, non of our States will be Free.
  5. I missed it. Went over my head. I just figured he would know better that they are not allowed in our gated community. Owners may to load them but for only one night. Although we own property (land) in here we are building on, we are renting and it would not be allowed here. We barely have enough room for both our cars.
  6. Looks good. I’ll let you know mine if it’s any good. I don’t normally add BBQ during a Cook but since these are SousVide and not low and slow smoked, I might try some. Typically good Q doesn’t require sauce on the meat while cooking. It’s the smoke and the fat in the meat that breaks down that gives it, its flavor. Rapid cooks on high heat requires sauce. I did use some Liquid Hickory Smoke in the SousVide preparation. M8
  7. That would be best but pretty sure Florida voted in a minimum wage increase to $15 over x amount of years. It can be voted out just as fast as it was voted in. M8
  8. My JC @xpcdoojk inspired SousVide Ribs. Hoping to do the finished product tonight on BGE.
  9. Easy answer, LESS. We did Freedom Presidents Cruise out of Barcelona and only had 31 Pinnacles onboard. There were more Suite Guests. M8
  10. We have our vaccinations. Minimum wage should be set at the State level and not by the Federal Government. M8
  11. @xpcdoojk @John&LaLa Second attempt at making my own BBQ sauce. First attempt was major fail.
  12. You just seem to have issues with our great Governor and the State of Florida. Are you doing in person teaching? I seem to remember this was a issue. M8
  13. I remember you now. Your the college professor. Got it. Too bad you don’t have a strong Union. 😇 Have you been vaccinated yet? Hope so. I’ll give you a get out of jail free card and come down to the free State of Florida. 😂 M8
  14. The more I think about this, it reminds me of the people that stand out on the corner with their megaphone and yell, Repent. Repent now or fear death. SMH
  15. Thank goodness for forward thinking Operation Warp Speed. M8
  16. Hospitals in Volusia are Code Green. I have a source. 😂
  17. 181 today, 161 yesterday. I don’t see that as significant. Still not a super spreader event. Doesn’t take much change in numbers this low to make it look like a huge percentage. It’s not about testing, it’s about the hospitals. The boss is oncall today and all 3 of the big hospitals here are code green. Volusia has plenty of hospital beds available as well as ICU beds. You can confirm these online. M8
  18. We did. He visited Bikeweek, had a beer with us, was a huge crowd and very few masks. He doesn’t wear one (I suspect he is vaccinated). It was great and so many from out of State cheered him one. It made the hair on my neck stand. I was proud to be an American and Free!! We have our vaccine. Hope you have yours. How much do you get out and about? M8
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